Bowling Green, Castle Hill, Almondbury

This page is a bare-bones entry for a specific location marked on an old map. More detailed information may eventually be added...


  • location: Castle Hill, Almondbury
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: sports

The bowling green was part of the grounds laid out during the building of the Castle Hill Hotel in the early 1850s. The green is only marked on the 1890s O.S. map, so appears to have been in disuse by the early 1900s. The 1960s O.S. maps appear to mistake the former bowling green as the site of the castle that once stood on the hill — the main part of the castle was built on the upper mound where Victoria Tower now stands.

The square of the abandoned green can be see in this photograph, shaded in green:

Castle Hill Bowling Green.jpg