Boundary Act of 1868

The following contains an extract from the Act which relates to an extension of the boundary of the Parliamentary Borough of Huddersfield. The Act led to the creation of 13 polling districts:

  1. Huddersfield West Ward
  2. Huddersfield North Ward
  3. Huddersfield Central Ward
  4. Huddersfield East Ward
  5. Huddersfield South Ward
  6. Marsh Ward
  7. Fartown Ward
  8. Dalton, Bradley & Deighton Ward
  9. Moldgreen Ward
  10. Lockwood Ward
  11. Almondbury & Newsome Ward
  12. Lindley-cum-Quarmby Ward
  13. Hamlet of Lower Linthwaite & portion of the Township of Longwood


31 & 32 Vict. Cap. 46.

An Act to settle and describe the Limits of certain Boroughs and the Divisions of certain Counties in England and Wales, in so far as respects the Election of Members to serve in Parliament.

13 July, 1868.


The present borough of Huddersfield ; the township of Lindley-cum-Quarmby ; the hamlet of Lower Linthwaite ; the township of Lockwood (including the two detached portions of the township of South Crossland which are surrounded by it) ; the township of Almondbury ; the township of Dalton ; and so much of the township of Longwood as is included within the following boundary ; that is to say

from the point at which the boundaries of the townships of Lindley-cum-Quarmby and Longwood meet the present boundary of the borough, north-westward, along the boundary of the said townships to the point called Raw Nook ; thence south-eastward, along the road which leads from Raw Nook to Dodlee to the point at which the said road meets the road leading from Dodlee to Clough Bottom ; thence, south-westward, along the last-mentioned road to the point at which it meets the boundary of the townships of Longwood and Golcar ; thence along the boundary of the townships of Longwood and Golcar, south-eastward, to the point in the river Colne at Miln's Bridge, at which the townships of Longwood, Golcar, and Linthwaite meet ; thence along the said river to the point at which it meets the present boundary of the borough.