Bottoms Mill, Austonley

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  • also known as: Harpin's Mill
  • location: Austonley
  • status: partially exists
  • category: woollen mill

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Holmfirth Flood of 1852

Extract from The Holmfirth Flood (1910):

Progressing down the stream, we come to Harpin or Bottoms Mill, then occupied by Messrs. Barber & Co., as a woollen mill. Here the country widens out, and consequently the waters became more spread; but still the mill, which stands in a central position, was damaged, but here no lives were lost, though the inmates of three cottages adjoining had a very narrow escape from death. The alarm having been given, the inmates of the house nearest the river, seeing the danger, burst through the parpoint walls, and got into the house farthest off, where a ladder was got and placed against the chamber window, from which all the inmates succeeded in escaping; but scarcely had they reached the road when the whole pile fell with a loud crash, and was swept away by the resistless torrent. Here, also, five workmen had miraculous escapes. It was usual for the fullers to sleep in the mill, and in Bottoms Mill there were five of them, who were aroused from their sleep by the loud noise and crashing of machinery. They rushed upstairs, and succeeded in climbing upon the rafters; but even here they were pursued by the relentless waters, and for upwards of an hour they were nearly covered, but after that time the waters subsided, and they all escaped. Here, also, a temporary wood bridge was swept away.


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