This web site makes use of the Internet Archive's BookReader to make a growing number of digitised books available to read and search online.

Search Tips

Each book can be searched using the "search inside" box:


When searching for multiple words, the default is to find them located in a sequence. For example, searching for John Moorhouse will locate that name as well as any instances of Moorhouse John.

To find matches that are further apart, use one or more tilde characters (~). For example, two tildes would also find matches where up to two words appear between the search terms, so a search for John Moorhouse ~~ would locate John and Hannah Moorhouse.

Finally, an asterisk can be included to invoke a fuzzy search.[1] For example, a search for Anna Moorhouse * would find:

  • Ane Morhows
  • Ann Morehouse
  • Anne Mourhous
  • Johanna Moorhouse
  • Susanna Morehowse

Available Books


    1. The fuzzy search looks for words that are spelt similarly, have a similar pronunciation, or that start or end with the word.