Bolster Moor Baptist Chapel, Bolster Moor

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  • also known as: Sunny Bank Baptist Chapel, Sunny Bank Particular Baptist Church
  • appears on maps: 1894 [#36]
  • location: junction of Bolster Moor Road & Slades Road, Bolster Moor
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: church or chapel

Founded when a group of thirty Baptists seceded from Pole Moor in 1882 "because they objected to the use of fermented wine at the Lord's Supper", the chapel was built in 1888. Members of Clough Head Baptist Chapel joined in 1968 after the closure of their place of worship.[1]

Bolster Moor Baptist Church closed in 2013.


The Baptists of Yorkshire (1912) by Rev. C.E. Shipley:

The Sunny Bank Church, Golcar, is the outcome of a secession of thirty members from Pole Moor, owing to their objection to the use of fermented wine at the Lord’s Table. They first held services in a cottage at Hart’s Hill, in January, 1883, but in the following spring occupied a carpenter’s shop, using the adjoining cottage for school premises. On March 13th, 1889, they opened their new chapel, upon which they had spent £1200, and in a short time dealt successfully with the debt. The Church was, from 1889 to 1905, under the pastoral care of Rev. James Evans, but since his removal has been supplied by the lay preachers, to whom it acknowledges a great indebtedness.


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