Boggart Lane, Skelmanthorpe

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  • location: off Station Road, Skelmanthorpe
  • status: partially exists
  • category: street

The term boggart (or boggard) relates to a malevolent or mischievous supernatural spirit.

The O.S. Yorkshire 261 map (surveyed in the late 1840s) shows Boggart Lane as short lane (with no properties on it) running northwest off the road between Skelmanthorpe and Park Gate (later named Station Road). The lane conditioned to the southeast of the junction as Green Lane Side, leading to Green Side.

By the 1890s, the Clayton West Branch Railway had severed Green Lane Side, which had been realigned to a junction on Station Road to the south of the railway line. The northwestern part of Green Lane Side survived as an unnamed dead end leading to the railway cutting. A railway branch spur serving a goods yard and Nineclogs Colliery had also been laid across Boggarts Lane.

By 1906, the Nineclogs Colliery spur had been truncated south of Booth Lane. By the 1920s, multiple tracks had been laid across Boggart Lane to serve the extensive Emley Moor Collieries.

Coal goods traffic along the Clayton West Branch had ceased by the late 1970s and Skelmanthorpe Station was closed in 1983. The O.S. map from shortly after the railway track was dismantled shows that Boggart Lane no longer existed.

The name Boggart Lane was temporarily repurposed for a new road which is shown as Standback Way on Google Maps.


The extent of Boggart Lane as shown on the 1890s O.S. maps is indicated below.

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