Black Horse Inn, Lowerhead Row, Huddersfield

This page is a bare-bones entry for a specific location, although the exact geographic location is uncertain. More detailed information may eventually be added. If you know exactly where this was located, please get in touch!


  • location: 13 Lowerhead Row, Beast Market, Huddersfield
  • status: does not exist
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The beerhouse was owned by Henry Ashton circa 1880, with Abel Cartwright becoming the licencee in March 1882, taking over from previous landlord Charles Bilsborough.

The local magistrates gave notice that they intended not to renew the licence and to refer the premises to the Compensation Authority at the 1905 Borough Licensing Sessions.[1]

Census Returns

  • 1891 — beerhouse keeper Alice Ann Greenwood (39)
  • 1901 — innkeeper William H. Asquith (39)


The exact location of the Black Horse Inn is uncertain, but it was situated between the entrances to Shears Court and Skilbeck's Yard. The approximate location is given below:

Notes and References

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