Black Horse Inn, Lepton

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  • also known as: Oddfellows Arms
  • location: Wakefield Road (formerly Wakefield and Austerlands Turnpike), Fenay Bridge, Lepton
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: beerhouse

Likely opened as the Oddfellows Arms[1] beerhouse in 1861, landlord George Clayton was fined in February 1866 2s. 6d. plus costs for "selling of ale before proper hours on Sunday".[2]

The 1879 Licence Register names the licencee as Susan Wood and the owner as John William Greenwood of Ossett, with subsequent licence transfers to George Lister Wood (24/Feb/1880) and Allen Priestley (25/Mar/1890). The name had changed to the Black Horse Inn by 1886, when George Lister Wood was charged with "keeping his licensed premises open for the sale of intoxicating liquors during prohibited hours".[3] By then, the premises had been purchased by Varley & Varley Ltd. of the nearby Lascelles Hall Brewery.

Priestley was successful in obtaining a licence to sell wine for consumption off-premises in August 1896, but his application for an on-site wine and spirits licence was refused at the 1899 Brewster Sessions. By then, it seems like the premises had been purchased by the Tadcaster Tower Brewery Co. Ltd.

Subsequent licence transfers were recorded to Harry Priestley (22/Jan/1901), Arthur Jackson (10/Sep/1901), Elliott Shaw (02/Apr/1912), George Abbott (03/Jun/1913), John Sykes (08/Feb/1916), Eliza Hartley (03/Oct/1922) and Henry Roberts (17/Oct/1924).

At the February 1931 Upper Agbrigg Division Licensing Sessions, it recommended that the licence for the Black Horse be refused on the grounds of redundancy, together with the Cart and Horses Inn (Holmfirth) and Queen Inn (Golcar). The West Riding Licensing Compensation Authority met in June and confirmed that the licence would not be renewed and would be referred for compensation.

By November 1931, the premises was offered for sale:[4]

FREEHOLD Stone-built House, with eight large rooms (late "Black Horse", Lepton), now unlicensed, together with stabling, coach-house, etc., and about 4,507 square yards of land. Apply with offer to The Tadcaster Tower Brewery Col Ltd, Piccadilly, York.

The premises may have remained unsold until January 1933, when it was offered for sale in Wakefield at auction.[5]


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