Birkhouse Boiler Works, Paddock Foot

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  • location: Birkhouse Lane, Paddock Foot
  • status: partially exists
  • category: works
  • notes: the 1851 O.S. Town Plan shows three "old lime kilns" at the location

Birkhouse Boiler Works was founded by the company William Arnold & Son Ltd. who were based at the site for over a century.


Huddersfield: The Official Handbook (1930):

The firm of William Arnold & Son of Birkhouse Boiler Works was founded in 1847 by William Arnold, who manufactured steam boilers of various kinds, chiefly of the Lancashire, Cornish and Tubular types. In 1888, William Arnold took his son into partnership, and the name of the firm was altered to William Arnold & Son, as it is to-day, the son, John E. Arnold, being the present proprietor. They make all kinds of steam boilers, steam ovens, tubular heaters, rivetted and welded tanks, chemical plant, etc., and make a speciality of tubular work. A good deal of repair work is done and a staff of experienced and competent men is at the service of customers, personally supervised by the proprietor.

Discovering Old Huddersfield: Part Four (2000) by Gordon and Enid Minter:


Just beyond the bridge, on the left hand side, Arnold's Boiler Works was founded by William Amold circa 1850. The firm manufactured dye pans, gas holders and multi-tubular, vertical and locomotive boilers.

On 23rd May 1860, William Arnold caused great wonder and excitement when he took the first road locomotive the town had ever seen on a trial run. The locomotive, which had been made to Arnold's design by Messrs. Lawrence and Sons of Lockwood Iron Works, performed faultlessly. The following day it hauled a sixty horse-power boiler to Newtown Mills, St. John's Road, in only half an hour! Sadly a few days later a more ambitious journey, to take a boiler to Kirkburton, failed when the locomotive repeatedly refused to ascend the steep incline onto the hump back bridge over the canal at Shore Foot.


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