Birds of a Feather Plot Together (1915)

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A baker, a doctor and a publican conspire to put thirst powder in bread.


The Bioscope (17/Dec/1914):

Birds of a Feather Plot Together. — Life in the village being slow, the local Aesculapius, the wily publican, and Winky, the baker, hatch out a plot whereby a new medicated bread, highly testimonialized, is made to “sell on sight.” The males all acquire tremendous thirsts, beer is in brisk demand, and the physician in turn reaps a harvest. The plot is exposed by a Hebrew pedlar, and certain liveliness is witnessed, the plotters receiving well-merited punishment. A good and lively comic, with a finale somewhat reminiscent of overseas productions. (January 24th. 709 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (17/Dec/1914):

Birds of a Feather Plot Together (C). — The doctor, the baker, and the publican all find things going badly with them. They hatch an ingenious plot whereby a powder is placed in the bread. This powder causes great thirst, thereby making business brisk for the publican, and afterwards severe stomach pains cause the patient to visit the doctor. Having given the baker and publican excellent testimonials on the virtue of their wares, business soon becomes brisk. But the plot is given away by a Jewish bootlace seller, when things become lively for the plotters. An ingenious idea, well presented and acted. Released Jan. 24th, length 709 ft.


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.