Bird in the Hand, Meltham Road, Honley Moor

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  • location: Meltham Road, Honley Moor, Honley
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The beerhouse was in existence by 1860 when former stone mason Edward Midwood was named as a the licensee, although there are references to a property known as "Bird in Hand" in 1841 Census.[1] The 1861 Census recorded Midwood as a "farmer of 6 acres and beer house keeper".

The premises was auctioned in March 1866:[2]

Lot 1. ALL that Stone-built Freehold BEER-HOUSE, called "The Bird in the Hand," situate on Honley Moor, and abutting on the public highway leading from Honley to Meltham, together with the recently-erected Cottage, Stable, Shed, Yard, Garden and outbuidlings.

Following the auction, it seems the premises ceased being a beerhouse.[3]

The property was struck by lightning in May 1868:[4]

The electric fluid struck a lonely house on Honley Moor, known as the "Bird i'th' hand," entering the roof, stripping off the plaster, damaging the furniture, and scratching one of the children and the dog before making its exit.


Notes and References

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  3. The 1871 Census makes no reference to the property being a beerhouse.
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