Better Than Expectation, Nether Lane, Bradshaw, Austonley

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  • also known as: Goodbent Lodge (1893 map onwards)
  • location: Nether Lane, Bradshaw, Austonley
  • status: still exists
  • category: farmhouse

Marked as Better Than Expectation on 1850s O.S. maps and in Census returns up to the 1870s. Renamed Goodbent Lodge by the next owner after the death of George Hirst and used as a shooting lodge.

Census Returns

  • 1841 — farmer George Hirst (45)
  • 1851 — farmer George Hirst (55)
  • 1861 — farmer George Hirst (64)
  • 1871 — unoccupied
  • 1901 — unoccupied (Goodbent Lodge)