Bertha Susan Löwenthal (1856-1920)


Bertha Susan Löwenthal[1] was born in Huddersfield, the daughter of German-born wool merchant Joseph Löwenthal and his wife Bertha. The family resided at The Grange, Halifax Road, Lindley.

She was a gifted artist and her watercolours and drawings were included in exhibitions at the Royal Academy.[2]

Her father Joseph died on 31 October 1903, leaving an estate valued at £16,407 17s.

She did not marry and died on 24 September 1920, leaving as estate valued at £5,822 10s 3d.


Bertha Susan Löwenthal was a prominent local supporter of the women's suffrage movement and was a member of:

She had become the honourable secretary of the WSPU branch by 1910.


Church League for Women's Suffrage (01/Mar/1921):

The League of the Church Militant has lost one of its earliest members and staunchest friends through the death of Miss B. S. Lowenthal of Huddersfield. Her interest in our activities is sufficiently evidenced by the legacy of £60 which she left for the continuance of our work; but indeed she was a woman to whom no effort for the welfare of others appealed in vain. Rescue and Preventive Work, Public Health, the Deaf and Dumb, the National Council of Women, the Royal Infirmary (Huddersfield), all these are public services which will miss her active support. Her earthly service is ended, but the inspiration of her example will live on in the hearts of those who knew her, provoking to good works. Requiescat in pace.

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Notes and References

  1. Her middle name was recorded as "Louisa" on the 1861 Census.
  2. Some early works attributed to Bertha Löwenthal, such as the portraits of Mary Ann West and Captain Frederick Boehmer held by the National Trust, are likely to have been painted by her mother.