Bentley and Shaw, Limited

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Bentley & Shaw Ltd. was a company which ran the former brewery at Lockwood.


The brewery was established by Timothy Bentley of Halifax in 1795 and made use of the Horse Bank Spring at Lockwood as its water supply.

Following Timothy Bentley's death in 1830, control passed to his son-in-law, William Shaw, and by 1841 to his grandsons, Bentley Shaw, Robert John Bentley and Henry Bentley.[1]

In 1843, Bentley Shaw purchased the brewery for £8,000 at an auction of the assets of the late Timothy Bentley by his executors.[2]

In May 1939, the Yorkshire Post gave the following description of the brewery, noting that it was capable of producing some 500 barrels a day:[1]

On the banks of the River Holme, Lockwood Brewery has an almost sylvan setting, it nestles in the dell flanked by the Honley and Meltham roads, only a mile from Huddersfield. A miniature park, complete with cropped lawns, shady shrubberies, flower beds and an illuminated fountain fronts the premises, entry to which is gained from the road along a quarter-mile avenue of trees. The property covers some seventy acres, and the solidly-built home of Mr. Timothy Bentley now offers commodious office accommodation.


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The company owned a sizeable number of public houses, inns and beerhouses in the area, including:

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