Benjamin Graham (c.1822-1879)

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Benjamin Graham was a builder and stonemason active in the Huddersfield area.


He was born in Paddock circa 1822, the son of Joseph Graham[1] and his wife Mary (née Shaw).

His older brother Abraham established the firm of Abraham Graham & Sons, whilst another of his nephews established the firm of Ben Graham & Sons.

He was initiated into the Huddersfield Lodge of Freemasons on 22 June 1853.

He established the firm of Benjamin Graham & Nephews, together with his nephews William Henry Jessop and his brother Joseph Jessop.[2] This firm later became known as Graham & Nephew and then Graham & Jessop.

Benjamin Graham died on 7 March 1879 at Park View House, Moldgreen, aged 57.

Selected Local Works

  • undated alterations to Longley Hall, Huddersfield
  • Independent Chapel, George Street, Huddersfield (1856)
  • St. Thomas's Church, Manchester Road, Huddersfield (1857-59)
  • bell tower of Christ Church, Moldgreen (1865)
  • Lockwood Town Hall (1865)
  • additional floor of mill on Colne Road, Folly Hall for Messrs. John Taylor & Sons (1866)
  • mill on Firth Street, Huddersfield (1866)
  • Ramsden Estate Buildings, Huddersfield (c.1870)
  • New Bank Buildings for Yorkshire Banking Company, New Street, Huddersfield (1870)
  • enhancements to Huddersfield Railway Station (1871)
  • new factory for Messrs. R & W Hirst at Turnbridge, Huddersfield (1871)
  • Huddersfield Borough Prison Cells (1873)
  • Board School, Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield (1873)
  • Byram Buildings, Westgate, Huddersfield (1873)
  • Christ Church School, Moldgreen (1874)
  • chimney at Canal Bank Dyeworks, off Leeds Road (1874) — collapsed in 1893, killing John Ellis (aged 52) and Jacob Dawson (42)
  • Board School, Crosland Moor (1876)
  • Kirkgate Buildings, Kirkgate, Huddersfield (c.1878)
  • restoration of Woodsome Hall, Farnley Tyas (c.1879)

By the Executors of his estate:

  • Poor Law Guardian Offices, corner of Ramsden Street and Queen Street South (1879-80)

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Notes and References

  1. The family surname is sometimes recorded as "Grime" in early documents.
  2. William Henry Jessop and Joseph Jessop were the sons of Benjamin's sister Mary Ann Graham who married John Jessop.