Ben Taylor Smith (1850-1923)

Ben Taylor Smith was the second tenant of the Castle Refreshment Rooms in Beaumont Park, which he ran with his wife, Emma, from 1894.


He was born in 1850 in Lindley, the son of wool spinner William Smith and his wife Martha (née Dyson).

He married Emma Challenger on 3 August 1876 at the High Street Methodist New Connexion Church in Huddersfield:

  • Norman Smith (1882-1882)[1]
  • Joseph Smith (c.1877-1949)[2]
  • Mabel Smith (1883-1969).[3]

By 1891, he was working as a restaurant keeper and residing on Brook Street, Huddersfield.

By August 1893, he was reportedly running a "refreshment house" on Northgate, Huddersfield.[4]

In February 1894, the Smiths took over the running of the Castle Refreshment Room in Beaumont Park, and moved into the vacated property.

He placed the following advertisement in the Yorkshire Evening Post in June 1895:[5]

FOR MAGNIFICENT SCENERY, SPLENDID FLOWER BEDS, LAKE, and PICTURESQUE NATURAL ROCKS go to BEAUMONT PARK, HUDDERSFIELD, the most beautiful park in the district. The minutes' walk from Lockwood Station (L&Y) or tram. No charge for admission. Refreshments and Cigars of the best quality supplied at "The Castle" in the grounds.

By 1910, the Smiths were also paying tax at 11 Honoria Street, Fartown, and presumably vacated the Refreshment Rooms around this time, as Amos Emblin had taken over the lease by the time of the 1911 Census.

He died on 22 September 1923, aged 72, and we was buried on 25 September alongside his sons, Norman and Lawrence.

His widow, Emma, continued to live at Honoria Street until her death in January 1932, aged 80.

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