Ben Oxley and Sons, Limited

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The company was established by Benjamin Oxley (1847-1916), together with his sons Edward and Joseph, in June 1899 with capital of £10,000 in £5 shares.

Benjamin's father, Joseph Oxley (c.1821-1866), had been a tailor on West Parade but branched out into livery circa 1850. Following Joseph's death in 1866, Benjamin great expanded the business.

In their obituary article for Benjamin, the Huddersfield Daily Examiner wrote:[1]

The late Mr. Oxley, at the age of 19, succeeded his father, Mr. Joseph Oxley, in the business of livery stable proprietor, and he has therefore been in business a matter of fifty years. Before the advent of the motor car the business was the largest of its kind in Huddersfield. Prior to the erection of the present stables near Mr. Oxley's farm at Highfields, the stables were situated in Upperhead Row. Mr. Oxley won for himself a great reputation as a straightforward and upright man of business. So well did he train his office boys in book-keeping that he was constantly losing them, and the fact that they "worked for Mr. Oxley" was quite sufficient recommendation.

Sadly, within a year of forming the company, all three of Benjamins sons had died.[2] The company was wound up in 1903:[3]


At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of the above named Company, duly convened, and held at Highfields, Huddersfield, in the county of York, on the 21st day of March, 1903, the following Special Resolution was duly passed; and at a subsequent Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of the said Company, also duly convened, and held at the same place on the 6th day of April, 1903, the following Special Resolution was duly confirmed :—

"That the Company be wound up voluntarily, and that Edwin Netherwood, of 1, Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield, in the county of York, Chartered Accountant, be and is hereby appointed Liquidator for the purpose of such winding up."

BENJ. OXLEY, Chairman


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