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The title of Baronet of Grange was created in December 1812 and replaced the earlier Baronetcy of Woodesham (Woodsome).

As of 2017, there have been eight Baronets of Grange:

  1. Sir John Lister Kaye (1772-1827)
  2. Sir John Lister Lister-Kaye (1801-1871)
  3. Sir John Pepys Lister-Kaye (1853-1924)
  4. Sir Cecil Edmund Lister-Kaye (1854-1931)
  5. Sir Kenelm Arthur Lister-Kaye (1892-1955)
  6. Sir Lister Lister-Kaye (1873-1962)
  7. Sir John Christopher Lister Lister-Kaye (1913-1982)
  8. Sir John Philip Lister Lister-Kaye (b. 1946)

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