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The title of Baronet of Woodesham (or Woodsome) was created on 4 February 1642 for John Kaye, who had served under King Charles I during the Civil War.

The title became extinct on 25 December 1809 when Sir Richard Kaye died without an heir. His nephew John Lister Kaye — the illegitimate son of the 5th Baronet of Woodesham — inherited the Denby Grange estate and became the first Baronet of Grange on 28 December 1812.

The six title holders were:

  1. Sir John Kaye (1616-1662)
  2. Sir John Kaye (c.1641-1706)
  3. Sir Arthur Kaye (c.1670-1726)
  4. Sir John Lister Kaye (1697-1752)
  5. Sir John Lister Kaye (1725-1789) — father of Sir John Lister Kaye (first Baronet of Grange)
  6. Sir Richard Kaye (1736-1809)

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