Baptisms at Holy Trinity, South Crosland: 1820s

The following is a transcription of baptisms from the records of Holy Trinity, South Crosland. The first baptism took place in 1829.

Due to the nature of the records, there may be occasional transcription errors. Some variants in abode and occupation have been merged (e.g. "Netherton Square" is sometimes given simply as "Square" in the records).


baptised first name surname gender occupation father mother abode born
03/Oct/1829 Enoch Todd son clothier John Todd Hannah Todd Lane End, Netherton 23/Dec/1828
25/Oct/1829 Henry Blackburn son cloth dresser Joseph Blackburn Martha Blackburn Factory 05/Aug/1829
25/Oct/1829 John Bradley son clothier John Bradley Mary Bradley Crosland 19/Aug/1829
25/Oct/1829 Ellen Oldfield illegimate daughter spinster Sarah Oldfield Netherton Square 22/Sep/1829
25/Oct/1829 Ann Parkin daughter carpenter Edmund Parkin Nancy Parkin Netherton 12/Oct/1829
25/Oct/1829 David Parkin son carpenter William Parkin Ann Parkin Netherton 04/Aug/1829
25/Oct/1829 Henry Smith son carpenter John Smith Agnes Smith Crosland 10/Dec/1828
25/Oct/1829 Charles Sykes son clothier Jonathan Sykes Hannah Sykes Netherton 23/Apr/1829
25/Oct/1829 Hannah Taylor daughter labourer Joseph Taylor Betty Taylor Crosland 27/Aug/1829
25/Oct/1829 Charles Todd son clothier Abraham Todd Lydia Todd Lane End, Netherton 24/Jun/1829
25/Oct/1829 Jonas Todd son clothier William Todd Martha Todd Netherton 12/Jun/1829
01/Nov/1829 Hannah Beaumont daughter clothier Abraham Beaumont Rachel Beaumont Woodbottom 15/Jul/1829
01/Nov/1829 Walter Kaye son cloth drawer Walter Kaye Hannah Kaye Netherton 17/Jul/1829
01/Nov/1829 Sarah Ann Kippax daughter clothier Joseph Kippax Rachel Kippax Crosland 06/May/1829
01/Nov/1829 Hannah Mellor daughter clothier Thomas Mellor Hannah Mellor Crosland 19/Sep/1828
01/Nov/1829 William Taylor son clothier George Taylor Mary Taylor Crosland 01/Jan/1829
01/Nov/1829 Ann Wood daughter clothier Giles Wood Mary Wood Crosland Factory 19/Aug/1828
08/Nov/1829 Hannah Smith daughter clothier Thomas Smith Sarah Smith Lane Side 13/Oct/1829
29/Nov/1829 Ellen Broadbent daughter slubber Robert Broadbent Ann Broadbent Crosland 24/May/1829
27/Dec/1829 Amos Leigh son mason George Leigh Anne Leigh Meltham Mills 03/Mar/1829

Boys Names

first name count
Henry 2
Charles 2
William 1
Walter 1
Jonas 1
Enoch 1
John 1
David 1
Amos 1

Girls Names

first name count
Hannah 4
Ellen 2
Ann(e) 2
Sarah 1


surname count
Todd 3
Parkin 2
Smith 2
Taylor 2
Leigh 1
Mellor 1
Oldfield 1
Bradley 1
Sykes 1
Blackburn 1
Kaye 1
Wood 1
Beaumont 1
Broadbent 1
Kippax 1


occupation count
clothier 11
carpenter 3
slubber 1
spinster 1
mason 1
cloth drawer 1
cloth dresser 1
labourer 1


abode count
Crosland 7
Netherton 5
Lane End, Netherton 2
Meltham Mills 1
Netherton Square 1
Crosland Factory 1
Woodbottom 1
Lane Side 1
Factory 1