Baines' Directory (1822) - Upper & Lower Whitley

The following section is reproduced from Baines' Directory: History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County of York, Volume 1 (1822) compiled by Edward Baines.

For the transcription of professions, entries have been reformatted to: firstname surname, location (extra details)

The following is a transcription of a historic document and may contain occasional errors.

Lower Whitley

Whitney (Lower) in the parish Thornhill, wap. of Agbrigg, and honour of Pontefract ; 9½ miles E. of Huddersfield. Population 903.

  • Francis Bedford, victualler, Wool Packs
  • John Rhodes, yeoman
  • Thomas Walker, tanner


  • John Firth
  • Samuel Robinson

Scribbling Millers.

  • Hudwell & Co.
  • Parkin & Co.

Upper Whitley

Whitley (Upper) in the parish of Kirk Heaton, wap. of Agbrigg, and honour of Pontefract ; 5½ miles ENE of Huddersfield. Population 764.

  • Sir John Lister Kaye, Denby Grange
  • William Rayner, land agent, Whitley Hall
  • John Bedford, tanner
  • William Hutchinson, gentleman
  • James Ibberson, victualler, Fox & Hounds
  • John Ness, victualler, Kay's Arms, Grange Ash
  • Samuel Stocks, grocer & flour dealer


  • Thomas Oxley
  • Joseph Parker
  • Joseph Stocks
  • William Timmings
  • John Wild

Baines' Directory (1822) - Upper & Lower Whitley

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