Baines' Directory (1822) - Kirkburton

The following section is reproduced from Baines' Directory: History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County of York, Volume 1 (1822) compiled by Edward Baines.

For the transcription of professions, entries have been reformatted to: firstname surname, location (extra details)

The following is a transcription of a historic document and may contain occasional errors.


Kirkburton, (P.) in the wap. of Agbrigg, and manor of Wakefield: 5 miles SE. of Huddersfield. It is conjectured that a Saxon fort stood here, and a small sike immediately adjoining the parish church to the NE., is still called the "Old Saxe Dike." The present church, which is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, is of the date of Edward III. and it continues to pay a pension of £4 a year to Dewsbury, "the faithful mother of churches," as Dr. Whitaker, styles that place. The living is In the gift of the town, and in the king's books it is valued at £14. 9s. 6d. The family of the Burtons, may be traced as lords of the manor, to the highest period of local names. In the year1455. it passed by marriage to Edward Kaye, of Woodhouse, Esq. and is now possessed by his descendant, Sir John Lister Kaye, Bart, of Denby Grange. Population 2153.

  • Rev. Benjamin Hutchinson, incumbent
  • Rev. Robert Pickles, curate
  • Elijah Armitage, gardener, nursery & seedsman
  • Thomas Beaumont, boot & shoemaker
  • Richard Booth, victualler, George
  • James Booth, yeoman, Lanehead
  • William Buckley, woolstapler
  • Cocker & Co., fulling & scribbling millers
  • John Crowther, wheelwright
  • George Heptonstall, wood collier
  • Joseph Jessop, yeoman, Brown Stile
  • Edward Noble, tanner
  • Robert Overend, solicitor
  • William Redfearn, victualler, Grapes
  • George Shaw, timber merchant
  • Joseph Sutcliffe, victualler, Shoulder of Mutton
  • Tedbar Tinker, coal proprietor
  • Benjamin Walker, surgeon


  • John Earnshaw
  • John & William Parkin


  • John Dyson
  • Eli Kaye

Cabinet Makers.

  • Thomas Mitchell
  • Jonadab White

Corn Millers.

  • William Jackson
  • William Sykes

Edge Tool Manufacturers.

  • Joseph Carter
  • John Carter
  • James Carter

Fancy Manufacturers.

  • William Carter
  • Fitton, Brooke & Co.

Grocers, &c.

  • Robert Beely
  • Matthew Booth
  • Elias Hobson
  • William Horncastle

Woollen Manufacturers.

  • Henry Copley
  • Joseph Fitton
  • George Hey, Newbs.
  • Joseph Littleworld
  • Thomas Oxley
  • John Senior
  • William Sutcliffe
  • Tedbar Tinker
  • Robert Turner

Baines' Directory (1822) - Kirkburton

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