Baines' Directory (1822) - Huddersfield

The following section is reproduced from Baines' Directory: History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County of York, Volume 1 (1822) compiled by Edward Baines.

For the transcription of professions, entries have been reformatted to: firstname surname, location (extra details)

The following is a transcription of a historic document and may contain occasional errors.


Is one of the five principal market towns in the central part of the West Riding — it is in the wapentake of Agbrigg, and in the liberty of the honour of Pontefract, 8 miles from Halifax; 16 from Leeds; 13 from Wakefield ; 16 from Bradford ; 24 from Manchester: and 188 from London. The town which derives its name from Oder or Hudder, the first Saxon colonist in the place, stands on the river Colne, which rising near the source of the Don above Holmfirth, falls into the Calder near Nunbrook. The valley formed by this stream, with a small quantity of level ground upon its banks, comprehends the parish of Huddersfield. Naturally, this part of the country is barren and unproductive, but its local advantages for manufacture, arising, principally from its coal and waterfalls, has raised it to the rank of one of the principal seats of the woollen trade in the kingdom, and where men congregate in large numbers, the soil seldom remains for any long time unproductive. Formerly oats, and those of the coarsest kind, formed the principal part of the grain grown in this parish, and the sarcasm cast by Dr. Johnson, upon the Scotch when he defined oats, as food for man in Scotland, and for horses in England, applied with as much force to the parish of Huddersfield, as to the parish of Glasgow, but now, both wheat and barley crops are raised in good perfection, in "the vale of Colne," and the wheaten loaf is as often to be seen as the oaten cake, upon the table of the inhabitants. The great, and almost the sole proprietor, Sir John Ramsden, Bart., whose family had a grant of the market by patent, dated as early as the 23d of Charles II. The revenue derived from this property, by the Ramsden family, is at the present day more than princely. The inland navigation of Huddersfield, affords to its trade the mast ample facilities, both to the East and to the West. The Ramsden Canal, which commences at the King's Mills, close to the town, crosses the high road to Halifax, and passing Black-house-brook, near Deighton, unites with the Calder at Cooper's bridge. In this way a communication is opened, with the great trading towns of Halifax, Wakefield, Leeds, and York, as well as Hull, from whence the merchandise is shipped to foreign countries. The Huddersfield canal, which joins the Ramsden canal, at the south end of the town, conveys goods westward, by way of Longwood, Slaithwaite, and Marsden. There is a tunnel, nearly three miles and a half in length, cut through the English Appenines, to within two miles of Dob-cross, from which the canal, after crossing the river Tame, in several of its windings, comes within a mile of Lydgate, by Mosley and Staley bridge, and unites with the Ashton and Oldham canal, near Ashton-under-Line. The navigation to Manchester, is then direct, and from thence the communication by water, is made daily to Liverpool, the great depot of commerce on the western coast. The Huddersfield canal has answered better for the town, and for the country through which it passes, than for the proprietors. It has been a losing speculation ; and ages will probably pass away, before it pays common interest, for the money invested in the under taking. The manufactures of this town and neighbourhood, are principally woollens, and consist of narrow and broad cloths, serges, kerseymeres, and various other woollen fabrics. Formerly, the buyers and sellers of cloth, met in an open square ; but, in the year 1765, a commodious hall was erected for their accommodation, by Sir John Ramsden. This building, which is two stories high, forms a large circle, with a diametrical range one story high, which divides the interior parts into two semicircles. The light is wholly admitted from within, there being no windows on the outside, by which construction security is afforded against fire and depredation. The hall is subdivided into streets, and the benches or stalls are generally filled with cloths, lying close together upon edge, with the bosom up for inspection. Here, in brisk times, an immense quantity of business is done in a few hours. The doors are opened early in the morning of the market day, which is Tuesday, and closed at half-past 12 o'clock at noon ; they are again opened at 3 in the afternoon for the removal of cloth, &c. Above the door is a handsome cupola, in which a clock and bell are placed, for the purpose of regulating the time of commencing and terminating the business of the day. A century ago, the population and opulence of Huddersfield did not amount to more than one-half of either Halifax or Wakefield, but it is now equal to the larger of them, and promises fair to maintain the commercial and manufacturing consequence which it has so deservedly acquired. According to a calculation, made by Dr. Walker, who has published a topographical account of Huddersfield, it would appear, that the place is healthy, in a very eminent degree, and that on an average of 5 years, the annual number of deaths in proportion to the population, was only as 1 is to 51 and a fraction, but this return is so evidently fallacious, from such of "the Dissenters and Sectaries," as bury at their own places of worship being omitted, that it is calculated only to mislead, and any person taking his estimate of the mortality of the town of Huddersfield, from the Doctor's "approximation to the truth," would approximate only to error.

Dr. Walker, with a laudable regard to public health, recommends the establishment of a House of Recovery in Huddersfield, on the plan of that at Leeds, and we unite with him most cordially in the recommendation, not only for Huddersfield, but for every large manufacturing town in the county, for we will venture to assert, as the result of much experience, that there is no public charity merely secular, which does so much good at so little cost. A favourable disposition towards this object of the Doctor's solicitude is one of the reasons for combating his mortality return ; for the opponents of a fever hospital, if any such there be, might found a triumphant objection upon the data which he has furnished, and might inquire why Huddersfield should emulate the example of Leeds in the preservation of health, seeing that they are already a great deal more healthy without such an establishment than their neighbours are with it. The proportion of deaths in Leeds being as 1 is to 40, while in Huddersfield it is only as 1 is to 54 ?

Turning from this digression, for which the occasion must form the apology, it may be observed that the history of Huddersfield does not furnish much matter for the gratification of antiquarian research, though it is an undoubted fact that the castle hill at Almondbury was, in the early age of our history, crowned with a Saxon fortress, which menaced the villages below ;[1] and that the celebrated Roman station of Cambodunum, was within the parish of Huddersfield, on the confines of Stainland, and in the township of Longwood.[2] It is also acknowledged that there are some ancient symbols of druidical worship still extant in this parish ; and that the scite of a Cromlech and several tupendous rocking stones of that kind remain to this day. Not far from Meltham there is one of these stones ; but the finest druidical remain in the parish of Huddersfield is in Golcar, on Wholestone Moor.[3] From the rolls of Richard II. it appears, that in the third year of that reign free warren in Huddersfield was granted to the prior and canons of Nostel. But before this time, so early as the year 1200, Roger de Lacy granted to William de Bellomonte, ancestor of the Beaumonts, of Whitley, a grant for his homage and service. A grant was also made by the same Roger de Lacy to Colin de Dammeville, which said Colin, as an act of gratitude to his benefactor, "gave to God, the blessed St. Mary, and the Abbots and Monks of Stanlnw, for the soul of his lord, Roger de Lacy, all his part of the said mill of Huddersfield, u on the river Caune, and 20s. annual rent."

This neighbourhood enjoys the advantage of several mineral springs, which, if not endowed with those singularly brilliant properties escribed to springs of greater fame, are important to the labouring classes, to whom access to distant water is pretty nearly impracticable. At or near Holmfirth, Lockwood, Kirkheaton, and Shithwaite are to be found springs yielding, on analysis, different proportions of sulphureous impregnations. In the township of Soyland there is a strong chalybeate ; and in Eringden, in the parish of Halifax, there is another with an impregnation slightly sulphureous as well as chalybeate.[4] Amongst the public edifices in Huddersfield are the parish church of St. Peters, and Trinity church, the latter being lately built by B. Haigh Allen, Esq. at Greenhead, at an expense of £12,000. The first stone of this edifice was laid in 1817, and the church was opened for public worship on Sunday the 10th of October, 1819, having been consecrated two days before by the Archbishop of this province. The style is Gothic, and it contains upwards of 1500 sittings, of which one-third are free seats. Its situation, which is on the North-west side of the town, is very commanding, and in every part of the surrounding country it forms a beautiful object, at once picturesque and impressive. There are also two Methodist chapels, both very commodious buildings ; one of them used by the Methodists of the Old and the other by the Methodists of the New Connexion. The former of these erections, which is situated in Queen street, has been very recently built, at an expense of £8,000, and is the largest Methodist chapel in the kingdom. It will seat 2,400 persons, and is in length 102 feet, and breadth 72 feet, exclusive of the wings. There is likewise an Independent chapel, a little out of the town at Highfield, and a Meeting House, for the Society of Friends, at the Paddock. The charitable institutions in Huddersfield are the Dispensary, established on the 12th of May, 1814, on the restoration of peace ; the Bible Society, established in 1810 ; the Religious Tract Society, established March 16, 1810 ; the National School Society, established in 1819, and the Church Missionary Association, established in 1813, besides some other charities of a more circumscribed nature, for the relief of the poor and destitute. A Company for supplying the inhabitants with gas has lately been established, and the new works are advancing rapidly towards completion. The scale of charges for the use of the gas, and the regulations for the consumers are similar to those adopted by the Gas Company in Leeds. The following population Returns for the parish of Huddersfield, in the years 1811 and 1821, will serve to exhibit the growing importance of that place.

1811 1821 Increase
Huddersfield 9,671 13,281 3,613
Golcar 2,122 2,606 484
Lindley 1,686 2,040 354
Longwood 1,461 1,942 481
Marsden 493 622 129
Scammonden 472 855 383
Slaithwaite 2,277 2,871 594
totals 18,182 24,220 6,038

Acadamies, Boarding and Day Schools.

  • Benjamin Atkinson, Seed Hill (national)
  • Bailey Elizabeth, Seed Hill (national)
  • Bower Benjamin, Chapel Hill
  • Ellen Cowham, Buxton Road (la. day)
  • Ruth Darwent, Upperhead Row (day)
  • Mrs I.C. Kendal, New House (la. bdg.)
  • M. & S. Knowles, King Street (day)
  • Maria Loadsman, Market Place (la. day)
  • James Mills, High Street
  • Andrew Stewart, New Town (day)
  • John Taylor, Castlegate (day)
  • Isaac Walker, King Street (classical, commercial and mathematical)
  • Thomas Whittington, Albion Street (commercial)
  • Ellen & Elizabeth Wood, Northgate (la. bdg.)


  • John Taylor, South Parade (public)


  • John Clarke, Cloth Hall Street (comss.)
  • Bradley Clay Bradley, Wharf (to the Aire and Calder Navigation Company)
  • Richard Clay, Navigation Warehouse (to Sir J. Ramsden's Canal)
  • John Eastwood, Upper Head Row (commission, purchaser of woollen goods)
  • John Holt, Longley Hall (land & building)
  • F.R. Jones, King Street, Birkhouse (land)
  • John Pontey, Kirkgate (for Parker's patent Roman cement)


Attornies and Solicitors.

  • John Allison, Back Green House
  • John Battye, Market Place
  • Clough and Brook, King Street
  • Joshua Crosland, King Street
  • Jacomb and Bentley, New Street
  • William Greenwood, King Street
  • J.C. Laycock, King Street
  • John Peace, Kirkgate
  • Whitehead and Robinson, New Street


  • James Dyson, Market Street (appraiser & sheriff's officer)
  • John Lancaster, Queen Street (appraiser & sheriff's officer)
  • John Reynolds, Cross Church Street


  • Thomas Chalenor, Temple Street (army)
  • William Gilbert, Kirkgate
  • James Wilson, Westgate


  • John Dobson and Sons, Market Place (on Masterman & Co. London)
  • J.W. & C. Rawson and Co., King Street (on Jones, Loyd & Co. London)
  • Sikes Shakespear Garrick, Kirkgate (on Frys & Chapman, London)
  • Wentworth, Chaloner & Rishworths, New Street (on Wentworth and Co. London)
  • Benjamin Wilson & Son, New Street (on Masterman and Co. London)

Blacksmiths and Farriers.

  • George Eastwood, Lowerhead Row
  • Kaye Eastwood, Swan Yard
  • John Greenwood, High Street
  • Joshua Haigh, Kirkgate
  • William Haigh, Kirkgate
  • James Mill, High Street
  • Joseph Sharp, Hillhouse
  • William Taylor, Kirkgate

Booksellers, Stationers and Binders.

  • Joseph Brook, Westgate (printer, subscription library, and vender of patent medicines)
  • William Garnet, Westgate
  • Thomas Kemp, New Street (printer, dealer in music & musical instruments, medical & extensive circulating library, depository to the religious tract society)
  • Josiah Lancashire, Kingsgate (stamp office, letter press & copper plate printer)
  • William Moore, Westgate (printer, librarian to the new subscription library, dealer in paper hangings, music and musical instruments)
  • Thomas Smart, King Street (printer, depository of the Huddersfield auxiliary bible society, und vender of patent medicines, dealer in music & paper hangings)
  • George Teal, Castlegate (binder)

Boot and Shoe Makers.

  • John Birkett, Shambles
  • Henry Bradley, Bradley Street
  • Charles Broadbent, Lane
  • Archibald Clayton, Kirkgate
  • John Cornick, Back Green
  • William Denton, Granby Street
  • John Dodds, Rosemary Lane
  • William Elam, Hillhouse
  • Benjamin Field, Temple Street
  • Richard Gray, Manchester Street
  • David Hirst, Westgate
  • Eden Hirst, Temple Street
  • Thomas Iliff, North Gate
  • James Jarratt, King Street
  • George Jarratt, King Street
  • John Liddell, Market Place
  • James Lockwood, Kirkgate
  • Miles Netherwood, Hillhouse
  • Joshua Northrop, Kirkgate
  • John Parker, Manchester Street
  • James Powell, Kirkgate
  • Joseph Riley, Back Green
  • Joseph Robshaw, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Robson, King Street
  • James Sheard, Swallow Street
  • Joseph Sheard, Upperhead Row
  • William Stanley, Kirkgate
  • Eli Stansfield, Manchester Street
  • George Starker. King Street
  • James Sykes, Shearing Cross
  • James Thornton, Market Place (boots)

Brasiers and Tin Plate Workers.

  • Joseph Johnson and Sons, Westgate
  • Robert Haigh, Cloth Hall Street
  • Abel Hellawell, Manchester Street
  • William Hird, Cross Church Street (hardware)
  • W.C. Holmes, Buxton Road
  • John Sampson, Market Place
  • Henry Simpson, King Street (& iron plate)
  • George Tetley, King Street

Breeches Maker.

  • Robert Walton, New Street (& leather seller)


  • Henry & John Alexander, Rashcliff
  • Timothy Bentley, Lockwood
  • Godfrey Berry, New Town
  • James Milnes and Co., Quay Street
  • William Rhodes, Clough House (black beer)


  • Joseph Lofthouse, Canal Bridge
  • Thomas Rowley, Upper Head Row


  • George Hezletine, New House Field
  • Thomas Johnson, New Town
  • Daniel Scarlet, Folly Hall


  • John Abbot, Flockton
  • Thomas Armitage, Westgate
  • William Carver, Westgate
  • William Eastwood, Meltham
  • John Garlick, Meltham
  • Joseph Hepworth, Sheepridge
  • John Hepworth, Paddock
  • William Hudson, Paddock
  • Thomas Hudson, Lascelles Hall
  • Richard Hudson, King Street
  • Richard Pollard, Beast Market & Green House
  • Richard Poppleton, Almondbury
  • John Ramsden, Manchester Street
  • Joseph Smith, Farnley Tyas
  • William Sugden, Market Place
  • Thomas Thornton, Kirkgate
  • Joshua Walker, Lockwood
  • William Walker and Law, Kirkgate
  • Launcelot Weatherburn, King Street

Cabinet Makers.

  • Henry Creswell, Cross Church Street (and upholsterer)
  • John Denby, Marsh (upholsterer)
  • Henry Gibson, High Street
  • Abraham Gibson, High Street
  • John Hanson (junior), High Street
  • John Mosley, Market Street
  • Thomas Pennington, Cross Church Street
  • John George Reynolds, Cross Church Street
  • William Turner, King Street (& upholsterer)


  • John Dyson, Queen Street (& dealer in salt)
  • George Jackson, Westgate
  • John Pontey, Kirkgate (dealer in salt for domestic uses, for feeding cattle and marine salt)
  • John Wood, Cross Church Street

Chemists and Druggists.

  • Thomas England, Market Place
  • Joseph Knowles, New Street
  • Charles Spivey, Cross Church Street
  • William Taylor, King Street
  • Richard Willett, Cross Church Street

Clog and Patten Makers.

  • Benjamin Davidson, Kirkgate (clog)
  • John Illingworth, King Street
  • John Womersley, Manchester Street

Clothes Brokers.

  • William Brier, Westgate
  • John Cornick, Back Green

Cloth Drawers and Letterers.

  • B.H. Brook, North Gate
  • Richard Brown, Lowerhead Row
  • John Child, Market Street
  • John Dyson, Manchester Street
  • John Holt, Beast market
  • Richard Milner, Temple Street
  • Isaac Robinson, Castlegate
  • William Schofield, Longroyd Bridge
  • Sarah Swift & Son, Quay Street (and pattern curd makers)
  • David Taylor, Green Side
  • Abraham Walker, Manchester Street

Cloth Dressers.

  • George Ainley, Birkby
  • John Armitage, Castlegate
  • Joseph Armitage, Greenhead
  • Joseph Armitage, Birkby
  • Joseph Beaumont, Field Gate
  • Thomas Beaumont, Lindley
  • Thomas Beever, Greenhead
  • John Bell, North Gate
  • Joseph Berry, Granby Street
  • Joseph Binns, Fartown Green
  • James Binns, Far town
  • James Booth, King Street
  • James Booth, Beast Market
  • James & Charles Booth, Rosemary Lane
  • George Booth, Beast Market
  • John Booth, Lowerhead Row
  • Enoch Booth, Lowerhead Row
  • Bray and Hirst, Quay Street
  • John Brearley, Paddock
  • George Brook, Top Green
  • James Brook, Top Green
  • John Brook, Top Green
  • William Brook, Castlegate
  • Joseph Brook, Longroyd Bridge
  • John Brook, Paddock
  • Joshua Brook, Greenhend
  • Abraham Catton, Kirkgate
  • George Clay, Cropper's Row
  • John Clay, Beast Market
  • William Cox, Buxton Road
  • Jonathan Crossland, Paddock
  • John Crowther, Paddock Foot
  • George Crowther, Hillhouse
  • James Drake, Quay Street
  • John Dyson, Paddock
  • George Dyson, Paddock
  • John Eastwood, Upperhead Row
  • Thomas Field, Greenhead
  • William Firth, Greenhead
  • Joshua Gaunt, Green head
  • James Goulter, Castlegate
  • James Haigh, Upperhead Row
  • Joseph Hanson, High Street
  • Thomas Hartley, Green Side
  • Joshua Hellawell, Green Side
  • Joseph Heyward, Birkby
  • Joshua Hirst, Ramsden's Row
  • George Hirst, Birkby
  • Humphrey Holroyd, Shearing
  • George Hoyle, Temple Street
  • Edward Johnson, Upperhead Row
  • Joseph Johnson & Sons, Upperhead Row
  • Joseph Johnson, Bank Top
  • Thomas Kilner, Croft Head
  • John Kirby, Bowling Green
  • Matthew Leadbeater, Quay Street
  • George Lunn, Birkby
  • James Lunn, Birkby
  • Benjamin Lunn, Birkby
  • Benjamin Mallinson, Green Side
  • John Mallinson, Manchester Street
  • Abraham Mallinson, Westgate
  • William Mann, Lowerhead Row
  • George Marshall, Sunny Bank
  • Joseph Mellor, Kirkgate (finisher)
  • Joseph Moorhouse, Rosemary Lane
  • James Noble, Clough House
  • John North, Swallow Street
  • John Nutter, Quay Street
  • John Nutter, Birkby
  • Nutter and Heyward, Birkby
  • John Payne, Castlegate
  • John Riley, Kirkgate
  • William Robinson, Lee Head
  • William Roebuck, Manchester Street
  • Thomas Rushworth, Paddock Foot
  • Joseph Shaw, Lane
  • Thomas Shaw, Croft head
  • James Shaw, Luck Lane, Marsh
  • Aquila Shepherd, Lowerhead Row
  • John Smith, Luck Lane, Marsh
  • James Stacey, North Gate
  • Joseph Stoney, Bank Top
  • John Sugden, Lowerhead Row
  • William Swain, Lowerhead Row
  • William Sykes, Cropper's Row
  • William & Joseph Sykes, New Town
  • William Sykes, Folly Hall
  • William Tattersall, Birkby
  • John Thomas, Top Green
  • William Thornton, Paddock Foot
  • John Told, Birkby
  • Martin Webb, Lowerhead Row
  • James Worth, Lowerhead Row


  • James Burman, King Street
  • William Gilbert, Kirkgate
  • Mary Goalden, Cross Church Street
  • George Wolstenholme, Temple Street (wholesale & retail)


  • Samuel Howe, Shambles
  • Robert Howe, King Street
  • Rachael North, Beast Market
  • John Smith, Cross Church Street
  • John Sunderland, Granby Street
  • Thomas Walker, New Street
  • Charles Walker, Temple Street
  • William Walker, Market Place

Corn Dealers.

  • Joseph Booth, Kirkgate
  • George Calvert, King Street
  • John Hargrave, Queen Street
  • Richard Scholes, Back Green
  • Joseph Thornton, Kirkgate
  • George Thurgarland, Beast Market

Corn Millers.

  • George Calvert, Clough House Mill
  • William North, Shore Foot Mill (Executor of)
  • J. & W. Pillings, Cross Church Street

Cotton Spinners.

  • G. Addison, Bradley Mills (cotton wraps)
  • John Dyson, Queen Street
  • John Hadwen & Co., King Street
  • Thomas Haigh, Rhodes's Yard (warp maker)
  • Scholes, Varley & Co., King Street
  • John Wood, Queen Street (warp manufacturer)
  • John Wrigley, from Oldham, Tuesdays, Ramsden's Arms (& warp dealer)

Curriers and Leather Cutters.

  • David Aspinal, Market Place
  • Robert Atkinson, Manchester Street
  • Billy Cawthra, King Street
  • Joshua Charlesworth, Chadwick's Fold
  • Mary Gledhill, Kirkgate
  • J. Illingworth, King Street (leather dealer)
  • James Pilling, King Street
  • Joseph Swinden, Castlegate


  • Alderson John, Market Street (dye woods)
  • George Bradley, Kirkgate
  • John Firth, Market, Street (commission)
  • Thomas Firth, Kirkgate


  • Alexander Alexander, Spring Field House
  • David Alexander, Folly Hall & King Street
  • Eastwood & Graham, Folly Hall
  • Kanye & Greenwood, Aspley
  • Thomas Layton, New Town & King Street (cotton & silk)
  • Joseph Lister & Sons, Longroyd Bridge
  • John Whitaker, Lane

Fire and Life Insurance Offices.

  • Albion — S.G. Sykes, Kirkgate
  • Amicable — John Allinson, Kirkgate
  • Atlas — Thomas Whitehead, New Street (attorney)
  • County — Aquila Houghton, Kirkgate
  • National Union — Abraham Mallinson, Temple Street
  • Norwich Union — J. Battye
  • Phoenix — William Wigney, Market Place
  • Provident Life — Aquila Houghton, Kingsgate


  • William Atkinson, Shambles
  • Benjamin Bradley, North Gate

Flour, and Provision Dealers.

  • Anby Beatson, High Street
  • Alexander Black, Cross Church Street
  • John Crookes, King Street (flour)
  • William Horsfall, King Street
  • Ann Hutton, Rosemary Lane
  • George Jackson, Westgate (& malt)
  • John Lees, Beast Market
  • John Read, Upperhead Row
  • George Roebuck, Upperhead Row
  • Jonathan Shore, North Gate
  • John Smith, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Spivey, Kirkgate
  • George Sykes, Paddock
  • Hannah White, King Street (flour)

Fulling and Scribbling Miller.

  • William Armitage, Paddock Foot

Gardeners, Nursery and Seedsmen.

  • Ainley George, Birkby
  • Thomas Aram, Manchester Street
  • John Brook, Kirkgate
  • William North, Kirkgate
  • W. & F. Pontey, Kirkgate & Kirkheaton
  • James Wilson, Birkby

Glass, China & Earthenware Dealer.

  • Ann Aspinal, Market Place (& rag merchant)
  • John Freeman, Market Place (earthenware)

Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & Jewellers.

  • John Anderton, Church Street
  • Joshua Bates, King Street
  • Lucy Gledhill, Kirkgate (& toy dealer)

Grocers and Tea Dealers.

  • Joseph Abbey, Westgate
  • John Baxter, Cross Church Street
  • Anby Beatson, High Street
  • Mary Berry, King Street
  • Joseph Brewer, Castlegate
  • John Broadbent & Son, Hillhouse
  • Amos Burditt, King Street
  • James Burman, King Street
  • John Carr, Market Place
  • Francis Downing, New Street
  • Joseph Hammond, King Street
  • William Hellawell, King Street
  • John Hinchliff, Kirkgate
  • Aquila Houghton, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Ibbotson, Cross Church Street (seeds)
  • Robert Langton, Manchester Street
  • Joseph Machan, Westgate
  • William Machan, Kirkgate
  • Edmund Marsh, New Street
  • William Oddy, New Street
  • John Pontey, Kirkgate (& seedsman)
  • John Priest, Kirkgate
  • Robert Roger, Castlegate
  • Frances Rushforth, Castlegate
  • William Shuttleworth, Westgate
  • Sarah Styring, Market Place
  • Benjamin Taylor, Paddock
  • Joseph Todd, Upperhead Row
  • William Waddington, Longroyd Bridge
  • Ann Whitehead, King Street


  • Eli Furness, Manchester Street
  • Joshua Turner, Castlegate

Hair Dressers.

  • James Aldridge, Beast Market (cutler)
  • William Bayldon, Cross Church Street
  • Richard Brook, King Street
  • Joseph Сrann, Market Place (perfumer)
  • John Liversedge, Temple Street
  • Joseph Sugden, King Street

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers.

  • Thomas Bagshaw, Temple Street
  • William Bayldon, Cross Church Street
  • James Hayley, Market Place
  • Samuel Robinson, Market Place
  • William Statham, King Street
  • Robert Walton, New Street
  • James Wilson, Westgate


  • Mary Hardy, Temple Street
  • Samuel Robinson, Market Place (stocking manufacturer & dealer in sewing cotton)
  • Benjamin Stanley, Westgate (manufacturer)
  • Statham William, King Street (& glover)
  • Statham & Cowgill, Kingsgate (& glovers)
  • S.W. Wakeford, Market Place
  • James Wilson, Westgate
  • M. Wood, King Street (& haberdasher)

Inns, Taverns, &c.

Iron and Brass Founders.

  • Sarah Bradley and Son, King Street
  • Jonathan Brook, Longroyd Bridge
  • Luke Greenwood, Engine Bridge
  • James Mills, Aspley

Iron Merchants.

  • Jonas Bradley, King Street
  • John Mills, High Street


  • John Booth, Market Place
  • Sarah Bradley and Son, King Street
  • William Kaye, King Street (dealer in toys)
  • Martha Ludlam and Son, New Street
  • Elizabeth Thewlis, Westgate

Joiners and Builders.

  • George Darwent, Upper Head Row (cabinet maker)
  • Joseph Denham, Greenhead
  • William Denton, Shambles
  • Joseph Durrans, Westgate (cabinet maker)
  • John Flockton and Son, Batty's Yard, Market Place (cabinet maker)
  • John Flockton, Northgate (cabinet maker)
  • Thomas Flockton, Upperhead Row (cabinet maker)
  • John Greenwood, Rash cliff
  • John Hanson (sen.), New Street (cabinet maker)
  • Isaac Hanson, Hillhouse (cabinet maker)
  • John Hirst, Top Green
  • William Johnson, Aspley (cabinet maker)
  • Allison Machan, Rosemary Lane
  • John Mosley, Market Place
  • Thomas Pennington, Cross Church Street
  • William Turner, King Street
  • Richard Whiteley, Ramsden Row (cabinet maker)
  • William Wilkinson, Top Green

Land Surveyors.

  • Thomas Dinsley, King Street
  • John Holt, Longley Hall
  • F.R. Jones, King Street

Lime Burners.

  • Bradley Clay, Aspley
  • Kaye and North, Lane (trustees of the late J. Bottomley)

Linen Drapers.

  • Samuel Clay, Kirkgate (& haberdasher)
  • John Dyson, Queen Street (wholesale)
  • John Fisher, King Street
  • David Henning, King Street
  • Frederick Hudson, Kirkgate
  • Lees John, Market Place (& silk merchant)
  • Edward Mallinson, Back Green
  • John Scott, Upperhead Row
  • William Stocks (jun.), Market Place
  • William Twilton, Kirkgate (haberdasher)
  • S.W. Wakeford, Market Place

Machine Maker.

  • Benjamin Carter, Quay Street


  • Godfrey Berry, New Street
  • John Berry, New Street
  • Joseph Booth, Kirkgate
  • Jeremiah Marshall, Westgate
  • James Midwood, Queen Street

Manufacturers of Fancy Goods.

  • William Armitage, Paddock
  • John Beaumont, Wheat House
  • Bottomley Henry, Hillhouse (plain and embroidered shawls, scarfs, &c.)
  • Hirst and Taylor, Temple Street
  • James Knight and Co., Westgate
  • William Learoyd, Canal Bridge
  • Simeon Smith, Hillhouse
  • Luke Swallow, Back Green


  • Beck & Livingston, Lowerhead Row
  • Nathaniel Berry, Quay Street
  • Berry John, Spring Bank Cottage
  • James Booth, King Street
  • Peter Blackstock, King Street
  • William Cooke, Upper Head Row
  • Richard Cooper, Manchester Street
  • John Cooper, Woodthorp
  • John Fisher & Co., Westgate
  • Samuel Green, South Parade
  • Edward Hawxby, New Street
  • John & Thomas Haigh, Cloth Hall Street
  • William Livingston, Paddock Foot
  • William Lockwood & Sons, New Street
  • Jasper McKean, Spring Bank cottage
  • George Mallinson & Co., New Street
  • James Mattinson, Upperhead Row
  • William Rhodes, Clough House (hop)
  • William Shaw, Seed Hill
  • John Smith, South Parade
  • James Swift & Sons, Castlegate
  • John Tyne, Paddock Foot
  • William Tyne & Co., Lowerhead Row
  • John Weall, High Street

Merchants and Manufacturers.

  • Allen Thomas and Son, High Street
  • Anderson, Tyne, and Co., King Street
  • Thomas Atkinson, Bradley Mills
  • Joseph Atkinson, Bradley Mills
  • R. & T.R. Atkinson, King Street
  • Joseph Armitage, Paddock Foot
  • Battye and Sykes, King Street
  • John Beaumont, Wheathouse
  • Henry Brook and Son, Northgate
  • Butterworth, Mallinson & Johnson, Upperhead Row
  • William Cooper & Co., High Street
  • James Crosland, New Street
  • John & Edward Dent, Manchester Street
  • Dunlop & Hastings, King Street
  • Joseph Haigh, Acker House
  • John Hannah & Co., Rosemary Lane
  • A. & J. Horsfall, Well
  • William Horsfall & Co., Seed Hill
  • George Lockwood & Co., New Street
  • George Mallinson, Kirkgate
  • T. Nelson & Co., Cloth Hall Street & New Street
  • Thomas Pedley, Longwood House, and 15, Poultry, London ; agent, George Dyson, Huddersfield
  • David Shaw, top of High Street
  • Shaw & Stocks, Temple Street
  • W.W. & H.H. Stables, Buxton Road
  • Starkey, Buckley & Co., Longroyd Bridge
  • W. & J. Whitaker, Woodhouse
  • John Winterbottom, Carr House

Milliners and Dress Makers.

  • Miss Sarah Atkinson, New Street
  • Misses M. & S. Beaumont, Upper Head Row
  • Sarah Catton, Rosemary Lane
  • Harriet Dodds, Rosemary Lane
  • Emma Kershaw, Northgate
  • Anne Robinson, King Street
  • Maria Richardson, Castlegate
  • Mary & Jane Scholes, Queen Street
  • Harriet Smart, King Street
  • Jane Stabler, Cross Church Street (London stay warehouse)
  • Bessy Tunnicliff, Lowerhead Row


  • William Eastwood, Northgate
  • Luke Greenwood, Engine Bridge

Music Preceptors.

  • William Abbott, Manchester Street (preceptor)
  • Thomas Parratt, Northgate (preceptor & organist)
  • Miss Taylor, South Parade (piano forte preceptor)

Nail Makers.

  • Sarah Bradley, King Street
  • William Shaw, Manchester Street

Oil Merchants and Dealers.

  • Thomas Firth, Beast Market
  • William Kilner, Upperhead Row
  • James Roberts and Co., Cloth Hall Street (oil & dye woods)
  • Thomas Robinson, Birkby

Painters (House and Sign.)

  • William Flockton, Westgate
  • William Haw, Upperhead Row (varnish maker)
  • William Lucas, Kirkgate (& gilder)
  • William Pick, Beast Market
  • J.W. Wilson, New Street

Pawn Brokers.

  • William Hanson, Manchester Street
  • John Riley, Kirkgate


  • James Bradley, Spring Cottage
  • William Turnbull, New Street
  • J. Kenworthy Walker, New Street


  • David Jowett, Castlegate
  • John Milnes, Kirkgate
  • Rose Sutcliffe, Manchester Street

Plumbers and Glaziers.

  • Barnard Burton, Church Street
  • Joseph Crowther, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Hayley, King Street
  • E. & H. Hayley, Market Street
  • John Newhouse, New Street (& brazier)
  • Richard Newhouse, Westgate


  • James Ackerley, Bank Top
  • Thomas Bradley & Sons, New Street
  • Thomas Herring, Cross Church Street (& trunk maker)
  • William Ibbotson, Westgate
  • Alexander Mabon, King Street (army & hunting, spring truss, trunk & portmanteau maker)

Savings Bank, King Street.

  • John Taylor, Secretary ; open on Tuesday from half-past 12 until 2 ; Saturday from 5 till 7 evening

Shear Makers.

  • Thomas Moorhouse, Lane
  • William Wilcock, Clough House Mill (& grinder)

Shuttle Makers.

  • John Greenwood, Castlegate
  • John Hopkinson, Bank Top

Stay and Heald Makers.

  • John Barrow, Kirkgate
  • Kay & Cleworth, Aspley
  • Joseph Kilner, Kirkgate
  • Samuel Makin, Castlegate
  • Shepherd Thomas, Castlegate

Stay Makers.

  • Elizabeth Blaydes, Westgate
  • Jane Hepworth, New Street (corset maker)
  • William Statham, King Street
  • Joseph Wainhouse, King Street

Stone Masons.

  • John Addy, High Street
  • Abraham Boothroyd, Queen Street
  • John Heywood, Manchester Street
  • Joseph Heywood, Upperhead Row
  • George Johnson, Upperhead Row
  • Joseph Kaye, Buxton Road
  • John Ratcliffe, Lee Head

Straw Hat Makers.

  • Martha Cockburn, New Street
  • Hunt & Co., Cross Church Street
  • Joseph Jackson, New Street
  • Ann Sunderland, Granby Street
  • Henrietta Weatherburn, King Street


  • James Astin, Westgate
  • John Atkinson, New Street
  • Benjamin Bradshaw, New Street
  • B.D. Coates, Albion Street
  • Houghton & Sargent, Kirkgate
  • Benjamin Hudson, Cloth Hall Street
  • George Robinson, King Street
  • George Sargent, Cross Church Street
  • William Wilks, King Street
  • Thomas Wrigley, Beast Market

Tailors and Drapers.

  • Blayds & Stephenson, Westgate
  • George Byram, Castlegate
  • Oliver Drake, Lowerhead Row
  • John Edwards & Son, New Street
  • John Edwards (jun.), King Street
  • James Firth, King Street
  • Joseph Greathead, King Street
  • Henry Hirst, Granby Street
  • John Ingham, Lowerhead Row
  • Joseph Laycock, Castlegate
  • Samuel Milnes, Temple Street
  • William Mumey, Upperhead Row
  • William Pearson, King Street
  • Charles Seymour, Castlegate
  • John Swift, Manchester Street
  • William Sykes, Beast Market

Tallow Chandlers.

  • John Hinchcliffe, Kirkgate
  • John Midwood, Longroyd Bridge
  • Samuel Styring, Westgate


  • George Armitage, Bay Hall
  • John Haigh, Millns Bridge
  • John Kaye, Royd House
  • Jonathan Robarts, Fanley

Tea Dealers.

  • Joseph Beaumont, Market Place
  • John Bell, Manchester Street
  • John Blackstock (sen.), Market Place
  • John Blackstock (jun.), Kirkgate
  • William Briers, Westgate
  • Hodgson Burley, Beast Market
  • Thomas Firth, Kirkgate (dealer in hops)
  • David Henning, King Street
  • Alexander Henning, King Street
  • Joseph Heslop, White lee
  • Nathaniel McLellan, Northgate
  • Edward Woore, Westgate

Timber Merchants.

  • William Johnson, Aspley
  • Thomas Walker, New Street

Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturer.

  • Joseph Beaumont, Market Place (wholesale)

Turners in Wood.

  • Joseph Crowther, King Street
  • Joseph Hopkinson, Bank Top

Veterinary Surgeon.

  • William Sizer, New Street
  • Richard Willett, Cross Church Street (advice communicated on the diseases of horses, horned cattle and dogs)

Watch and Clock Makers.

  • John Anderton, Cross Church Street (musical snuff box maker)
  • Joshua Bates, King Street
  • Lucy Gledhill, Kirkgate
  • Joseph Huggins, Kirkgate
  • Jonathan Womersley, Castlegate (clock)


  • Beaumont & Whiteley, Swan Yard
  • George Bottom, Paddock
  • Brewer & Judd, Queen Street
  • John Catton, Northgate
  • Joseph Elam, Hillhouse (& carpenter)
  • John Sharp, Lane
  • William Spencer, Manchester Square
  • Charles Thornton, Paddock
  • Thomas Wilson, High Street


  • George Bottom, King Street
  • Eli Fourniss, Manchester Street
  • Mark Ludlam & Son, New Street
  • James Naylor, Denton Lane
  • Elizabeth Thewlis, Westgate
  • Turner J., Castlegate (& gunsmith)

Wine & Spirit Merchants.

  • Francis Downing, Market Place (spirits)
  • Thomas Firth, Kirkgate (spirits)
  • Thomas Firth, Kirkgate (British wines)
  • John Smith, High Street
  • George Wilson, King Street (brandy)
  • Wilson & Hirst, King Street (wine)

Woollen Cord & Velveteen Cutters.

  • William Bakes, Lane
  • Abraham Coulter, Lane
  • William Hampson, Paddock
  • William Jackson Keighley, Lee Head
  • Charles Medley, New Town

Woollen Cord and Velveteen Manufacturers.

  • James Brook, Paddock
  • James Dunkerley, Canal Bridge
  • Thomas Edwards, Hillhouse
  • Benjamin Haigh, Paddock
  • Samuel Hopkin, Sheepridge
  • William Learoyd, Canal Bridge
  • J. Lockwood, Upper Head Row (patent cord)

Woollen Cloth Manufacturers.

  • John Addy, Paddock
  • John Broughton, West Parade
  • William Cliff, Paddock
  • Joshua Crosland, Paddock
  • Joshua Crosland, Paddock
  • James Crosland (senior), Paddock
  • John Crosland, Paddock
  • John & Edward Dent, Manchester Street
  • Frost & Nelson, Clegg's Lane (fancy)
  • Joseph Mellor, Kirkgate (finisher)
  • Jonathan Moore, Paddock
  • John Moore, Paddock
  • Joseph Pearson, Lowerhead Row
  • Isaac Pilling, Market Street
  • Joseph Schofield, New Street


  • James Allsebrook & Co., Westgate
  • Anderson, Tyne & Co., King Street
  • J. Armitage Co., Market Place
  • James Bray, Market Street
  • William Broadbent, New Street
  • Thomas Brook & Son, Westgate
  • William Brook & Sons, Market Street
  • James Brook, Upperhead Row (house)
  • Jeremiah Clayton (junior), Cloth Hall Street
  • William Cresswell, King Street
  • James Crosland, New street
  • Francis Crow, Westgate
  • Daniel Dyson, Market Street
  • Samuel Eastwood & Son, Market Street
  • William Eastwood, Market Street
  • Eastwood & Graham, Folly Hall
  • William English, Ramsden Row (house)
  • John Fisher & Co., Westgate
  • John Fisher, New Street
  • John Glover, Queen Street
  • Charles Graham, Quay Street (house)
  • Hubert Hawkes, Westgate
  • John Hirst, New Street
  • Samuel Hirst, New Street
  • Joseph Hirst, Westgate
  • M. Hirst, Beast Market (& dealer in flocks)
  • James Kay, Swan Yard
  • Kershaw & Swaine, Old Queen's Head Yard
  • Lockwood George & Co., New Street
  • Machell & Scott, White Hart Yard
  • Abraham Mallinson, Temple Street
  • James Philps, King Street
  • Ridgway & Co., King Street
  • James Roberts & Co., Cloth Hall Street
  • John Shaw, King Street
  • Thomas Shires, Market Street
  • Smith, Heywood & Co., Market Street
  • Thomas Starkey, Market Street
  • John Sutcliff, New Street
  • George Taylor (from Meltham), Tuesday, King's Head
  • William Walker, Market Street

Worsted Spinners.

  • J. & W. Birkbeck & Co., King Street

Magistrates of Huddersfield.

  • Joseph Haigh, Esq., Spring Wood
  • B. Haigh Allen, Esq., Green Head
  • J. Horsfall, Esq., Thornton Lodge
  • J.C. Laycock, Clerk to the Deputy Lieutenants of the upper division of Aggrigg, King Street
  • Matthew Bradley, Clerk to the Magistrates, Market Street


  • Miss Sarah Atkinson, gentlewoman, New Street
  • George Bates, bookkeeper, Aspley
  • Rev. Jesse Bellamy, Curate of Trinity Church, Marsh
  • John Birkenshaw, Governor of the Workhouse, Bay Hall
  • John Booth, gentleman, Kirkgate
  • Rev. Benjamin Boothrord, L.L.D., Market Street
  • Joseph Bowers, umbrella maker, King Street
  • Nancy Brook, pastry baker, King Street
  • Martha Brook, gentlewoman, North Gate
  • Thomas Brooksbank, letter carrier, Kirkgate
  • Joseph Clay, bookkeeper, Rosemary Lane
  • Richard Clay, rope maker, Bowling Green
  • Rev. John Coates, M.A., vicar, Vicarage, Kirkgate
  • Abraham Cooper, gentleman, Longroyd Bridge
  • Christopher Dawson, licensed hawker, Upperhead Row
  • Matthew Driver, surveyor of highways, Castle Street
  • Joshua Dyson, bookkeeper, King Street
  • Joseph Elam, carpenter, Hillhouse
  • Robert Firth, gentleman, Beast Market
  • William Fentom, Esq, Spring Grove
  • Lewis Fenton, Esq. Spring Grove
  • Thomas Goulden, bookkeeper, Quay Street
  • Robert Haigh, bookkeeper, Manchester Street
  • John Hawxby, gentleman, South Parade
  • Mrs. Martha Hawxby, gentlewoman, South Parade
  • John Hirst, churchwarden, New Street
  • Matthew Hirst, Beast Market
  • Thomas Holroyd, Esq., Birkby
  • Rev. Thomas Jackson, curate of the parish church, New Street
  • W.K. Jackson, fustian cutter, Lee Head
  • John Kent, clerk at Dobson's Bank, Northgate
  • Thomas Kilner (junior), overseer of the poor, Castle Street
  • Thomas Leigh, gentleman, Upperhead Row
  • Thomas Leece, horn comb maker, Kirkgate
  • J. & B. Lombardini, carvers & gilders, Market Place
  • Rev. H. J. Maddock, Incumbent of Trinity church, Edgerton Lodge
  • Rev. William Moorhouse, Dissenting minister, Highfield
  • John Mortimer, gentleman, Paddock
  • Miss E.G. Nelson, Woodthorp
  • James Oldham, gentleman, Buxton Road
  • John Reynolds, furniture broker, Cross Church Street
  • John Robson, dealer in cotton warps, worsted yarn, silk, &c,. Cross Church Street
  • Margaret Robinson, gentlewoman, Kirkgate
  • David Shaw, surveyor of highways, Manchester Street
  • William Shaw, painter, Upperhead Row
  • William Shaw, card maker, Castlegate
  • Thomas Smith, supervisor of excise, Northgate
  • Elisabeth Stephenson, gentlewoman, Castlegate
  • Mary Styring, gentlewoman, Westgate
  • John Sykes, Chief Constable, Seed Hill
  • John Taylor, commissioner for taking special bail, South Parade
  • George Tomlinson, Esq., Birkby
  • John Tomlinson, gentleman, Birkby
  • George Whitehead, Deputy Constable, Police Office, King Street
  • Richard Whiteley, bookkeeper, Canal Bridge
  • Nathan Whiteley, coal dealer, Engine Bridge
  • Hannah Wood, gentlewoman, Upperhead Row

Woollen Manufacturers who attend the Cloth Hall.

With their places of abode, and Inns Houses in Huddersfield.

  • Daniel Ainley, Golcar
  • Amos Ainley, Honley, Hare & Hounds
  • John Ainley, Golcar
  • George Armitage, Meltham, Green Dragon
  • John Barber, Holmfirth, Boy & Barrel
  • Joshua Barber & Son, Holmfirth, Boy and Barrel
  • John Bates, Holmfirth, White Hart
  • Edward Baxter, Linthwaite, White Hart
  • Seth Beardsa, Holmfirth
  • Matthew Berry, Newsome Cross, Swan Inn
  • Joseph Berry, Newsome Cross, Swan Inn
  • J. Berry, Newsome Cross, Swan Inn
  • Godfrey Best, Damside
  • James Best, Damside
  • John Blackburn, Golcar, Red Lion
  • James Booth, Meltham, Butcher's Arms
  • John Booth, Meltham, Butcher's Arms
  • James Bottomley, Saddleworth
  • John Bower, Meltham
  • Original Bower, Meltham
  • Original Bower, Holmfirth, Ramsden's Arms
  • James Bradbury, Thurlstone
  • John Bray, Holmfirth
  • Joseph Bray, Holmfirth
  • Joseph Bray, Upper Thong, Cross Keys
  • William Brook & Sons, Longwood
  • William Brook, Crosland
  • James Buckley, Upper Mill, White Hart
  • Edward Butterworth, Holmfirth, Cherry Tree
  • Joseph Butterworth, Thurlstone
  • Ellen Carter, Holmfirth
  • Samuel Cotton, Linthwaite
  • Joseph Cox, Golcar, Cherry Tree
  • James Crosland, Paddock
  • Joshua Crosland, Paddock
  • Thomas Dawson, Meltham, Cherry Tree
  • Joseph Dawson, Meltham, Cherry Tree
  • Thomas Day, Golcar, White Hart
  • Joseph Dyson, Newsome
  • Nathaniel Dyson, Meltham
  • Joseph Dyson, Netherton, Hare & Hounds
  • Mary Earnshaw, Meltham, Wellington
  • William Earnshaw, Longwood, Cherry Tree
  • James Eastwood, Well House
  • James Garlick, Meltham, Swan
  • Joseph Garside, Linthwaite
  • John Gill, Holmfirth, White Bear
  • John Haigh, Netherton
  • Samuel Haigh, Golcar, King's Head
  • Richard Haigh, Honley
  • John Haigh, Meltham
  • Benjamin Haigh, Golcar, King's Head
  • Joseph Haigh, Golcar, Saddle
  • Joseph Hall, Stainland, King's Head
  • B. & T. Hanson, Longwood, Cherry Tree
  • Richard Hanson, Paddock
  • Joseph Heap, Honley, Red Lion
  • Joseph & Edmund Heap, Holmfirth, Plough
  • Joseph Hebblethwalte, Mirfield
  • James & John Hepworth, Farnley, Swan
  • Joseph Hirst, Meltham
  • Matthew Hirst, Meltham
  • John Hirst, Holmfirth, Swan
  • Eneas Hobson, Netherthong
  • William Horsfall, Dalton
  • Joseph Horsfall, Mold Green
  • John Ingham, Holmfirth, Plough
  • George Jagger, Honley
  • John Jessop, Kirkheaton, Cherry Tree
  • James Kay, Dalton
  • Thomas Littlewood, Honley, Plough
  • William Liversedge, Bunkers Hill
  • George Lockwood, Golcar, Green Dragon
  • Joseph Lockwood, Golcar, Cherry Tree
  • Joseph Mellor, Almondbury
  • John Moore, Paddock, Cherry Tree
  • Thomas Noble, Elland, Cherry Tree
  • William Newell, Farnley Tyas (fancy)
  • William Oldfield, Lockwood (fancy)
  • John Oldfield, Parkkton Grove (fancy)
  • John Orange, Meltham
  • William Parkin, Farnley
  • John Pearson, Golcar, Saddle
  • William Pearson, Golcar, Saddle
  • Benjamin Pearson, Golcar, Saddle
  • Edmund Pearson, Golcar, Saddle
  • John Platt, Primrose, Saddleworth
  • William Ratcliffe, Saddleworth, Saddle
  • John Rhodes, Saddleworth
  • Joseph Roberts, Holmfirth, White Lion
  • Jonathan Roberts, Holmfirth, Plough
  • Godfrey Sanderson, Honley, Globe
  • Joseph Schofield, Honley, Globe
  • John Schofield, Honley, Globe
  • William Schofield, Honley, Globe
  • George Shaw, Newsome Cross
  • John Shaw, Golcar
  • Joseph Shaw, Farnley, Pack Horse
  • Jonathan Shaw, Golcar
  • Thomas Shaw, Golcar, Saddle
  • John Shaw, Mold Green
  • James Shaw, Golcar
  • Hugh Shaw, Saddleworth
  • Thomas Sykes, Linthwaite
  • Edward Taylor, Crosland, Cherry Tree
  • George Taylor, Meltham, White Bear
  • Joseph Taylor, Golcar, Cherry Tree
  • John Taylor, Meltham, White Bear
  • George Taylor, Meltham, Butcher's Arms
  • James Taylor, Meltham, King's Head
  • David Taylor, Meltham
  • John Taylor, Holmfirth
  • Tedbar Tinker, Kirkburton
  • John Thornton, Castle Hill, Green Dragon
  • Stephen Vickerman, Newsome
  • Thomas Vickerman, Almondbury
  • Eneas Walker, Holmfirth
  • John Walker, Thurstonland, Green Dragon
  • Jonas Walker, Thurstonland, Green Dragon
  • Jonas Walker (junior), Thurstonland, Green Dragon
  • Thomas Whiteley & Son, Stainland, Cherry Tree
  • Benjamin Whitworth, Honley, Swan with Two Necks
  • John & Benjamin Wilson, Netherthong
  • Ebenezer Wimpenny, Holmfirth
  • Elihu Wimpenny, Holmfirth
  • Joshua Wimpenny, Upper Thong
  • Joshua Wimpenny, Upper Thong
  • John Wood, Golcar, Red Lion
  • William Wood, Longwood, Cherry Tree
  • William Wood, Hollingreave, Swan with Two Necks
  • Joseph Wood, Hollingreave, Swan with Two Necks
  • Isaac Wood, Bank Gap, Swan with Two Necks
  • William Woodhead & Sons, Meltham, Globe Inn
  • Daniel Woodhead, Nether Thong
  • George Wrigley, Longwood, Cherry Tree

The Editor is aware that the above list does not by any means contain all the Manufacturers from the country who attend the Huddersfield cloth Hall, but he believes the principal part of them will be found in it, as every exertion has been made to render it complete. The remainder will be found in the Village Lists.

Manufacturers of Fancy Goods

Who attend Huddersfield Market Hall, their Places of abode, and Inns or Warehouses in Huddersfield.

  • Thomas Blakey, 3 Lumb's Warehouse
  • Joshua Boothroyd, 3 Lumb's Warehouse
  • Abel Dawson, 6 Lumb's Warehouse
  • Joseph Farrand, 6 Lumb's Warehouse
  • Joseph Haigh, 17 Lumb's Warehouse
  • William Johnson, Robert's Court, Cloth Hall Street
  • John Kay, White Hart
  • Joseph Kay, 6 Lumb's Warehouse
  • William Kay, Lumb's Warehouse
  • David Lodge, Ramsden's Arms
  • Joseph Midgley, Tinner's Yard
  • George North, Tinner's Yard
  • John Poppleton, Lumb's Warehouse
  • William Roberts, Lumb's Warehouse
  • John Roebuck, Lumb's Warehouse
  • Daniel Roebuck, Lumb's Warehouse
  • Matthew Roebuck, Lumb's Warehouse
  • William Stead, Dog Inn
  • James Smith, Dog Inn
  • William Spivey, Ramsden's Arms
  • Sugden & Gill, Woodsome, White Horse
  • Charles Taylor & Son, Lumb's Warehouse
  • George Willans, New Inn
  • Charles Willans, 16 Lumb's Warehouse
  • Joshua Armitage, Robert's Court, Cloth Hall Street
  • George Haywood, Robert's Court
  • Jonas Haywood, Robert's Court
  • Joseph Micklethwaite, Robert's Court
  • Joshua Shaw, Robert's Court
  • George Frost, Robert's Court, Cloth Hall Street
  • John Kilner, Robert's Court
  • William Kllner, Robert's Court
  • Senior & Beaumont
  • Joshua Wood & Sons
  • Boothroyd John, Robert's Court, Cloth Hall Street
  • Joseph Fellgreave Chadwick, Robert's Court
  • Amor Hanson, White Hart
  • Joseph Hawkyard, Robert's Court
  • John Hirst, Robert's Court
  • Joseph Oldfield, Robert's Court
  • Thomas Sanderson, Robert's Court
  • — Tomlinson, Robert's Court
  • Elihu Barden, Robert's Court
  • John Berry, Robert's Court
  • John Smith, Dyson's Court
  • David Tinker, Robert's Court
  • Joseph Wilman, Robert's Court
From Miscellaneous Places.
  • Joshua Arlom, Newsome, White Hart
  • William Armitage, Paddock, Robert's Court, Cloth Hall Street
  • Seth Armitage, Kay Lane, Robert's Court
  • John Aspinall, Brighouse, Robert's Court
  • Enoch Beaumont, Steps Mill, White Hart
  • Godfrey Berry, Lockwood, Tinner's Yard
  • Thomas Briggs, Longwood, 16 Lumb's Warehouse
  • John Curtis, Raistrick, Tinner's Yard
  • Joseph Dyson, Burton, Tinner's Yard
  • John Dyson, Lindley, Robert's Court
  • George Frost, Dalton, King's Head
  • Joseph Fitton, Hartshead, Tinner's Yard
  • John Gill, Lockwood, Tinner's Yard
  • James Haigh, Paddock, Tinner's Yard
  • James Lawton. Micklehurst, Robert's Court
  • Thomas Lodge, Skelmanthorpe, 17 Lumb's Warehouse
  • William Lumb, Barkisland, Robert's Court
  • Miles Netherwood, Deighton (fancy)
  • George Netherwood, Sheepridge (fancy)
  • Joseph Parker, Hopton, Tinner's Yard
  • Charles Pickles, Clayton West, 6 Lumb's Warehouse
  • John Smith, Hopton, Robert's Court
  • George Tetley, Clifton, Tinner's Yard
  • John Wood & Sons, Derby Dale, White Lion Yard


  • John Hepworth (junior), woollen manufacturer and merchant
  • Joseph Hepworth (junior), woollen manufacturer and merchant


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