Baines' Directory (1822) - Holmfirth

The following section is reproduced from Baines' Directory: History, Directory and Gazetteer of the County of York, Volume 1 (1822) compiled by Edward Baines.

For the transcription of professions, entries have been reformatted to: firstname surname, location (extra details)

The following is a transcription of a historic document and may contain occasional errors.


Holmfirth, in the parish of Kirkburton, wap. of Agbrigg, and manor of Wakefield ; 7 miles S. of Huddersfield ; is a very populous village, situated on the turnpike road to Buxton, in the townships of Wooldale, Cartworth and Upper Thong, partly at the foot of three great hills, and partly climbing up their steep and craggy sides. Holme and Ribbledon waters unite in this village, and this circumstance, together with its proximity to those stupendous mountains, the English Alps, renders it extremely liable to inundations. The houses are scattered in the deep valley, and on the acclivities of the hills, without any regard to arrangement, or the formation of streets. The church is a handsome modern edifice, with a tower containing six bells. The steeple, which is of the ordinary height, sinks into insignificance beneath the neighbouring houses on the cliff, where the beholder looks down upon its highest pinnacle. The traveller, at his first view of this extraordinary village, is struck with astonishment at the singularity of Its situation and appearance. The Rev. Robert Pope is curate ; there is likewise a Methodist chapel, old connexion, and an Independent chapel, of which the Rev. John Cockin, is minister. This is a place of great trade, and the principal part of the inhabitants are employed in the manufacture of woollen cloth.

  • Joshua Earnshaw, post master.
    — Letters are received from Huddersfield at half-past 11 in the morning, departing at half-past 1 in the afternoon.
  • William Barraclough, cabinet maker
  • John Battye, victualler, George & Dragon
  • James Beardsall, wheelwright
  • Thomas Blyth, auctioneer, appraiser, and sheriff's officer
  • John Boothroyd, victualler, White Hart
  • George Bower, victualler, Elephant & Castle
  • Matthew Bower, victualler, King's Head
  • Asa Bywater, victualler, Rose and Crown
  • Joseph Dyson, gentleman
  • John Earnshaw, scribbling miller
  • H.M. & L. Earnshaw, milliners
  • Peter Haigh, millwright
  • George Haigh, victualler, Shoulder of Mutton
  • Joseph Hall, clock & watchmaker
  • Edward Hawksworth, corn dealer
  • James Hinchliffe, gentleman
  • Benjamin Lee, cooper
  • Samuel Morton, carpenter
  • Jonas Roberts, victualler, White Lion
  • John Roberts, hat manufacturer
  • John Roberts, victualler, Brown Cow
  • Stephenson Cookson & Son, attornies
  • John Taylor, Wade Place
  • John Turner, victualler, George Inn
  • Mrs. Jane Wadsworth
  • Benjamin Whiteley, cloth drawer
  • Godfrey Woodhead, currier


  • Joseph Boothroyd
  • Thomas Roberts


  • John Boothroyd
  • George Bower
  • Asa Bywater
  • Joseph Dickinson
  • George Haigh

Cloth Dressers.

  • Benjamin Booth
  • Benjamin Earnshaw
  • Richard Heelis
  • John Mellor
  • Andrew Saunderson
  • Henry Saunderson

Chemists & Drugs.

  • Jospeh Hinchliffe
  • Robert Knowles


  • Thomas Greathead
  • Edwards Hawksworth
  • McClellan
  • Joseph Peaker
  • John Woodhead


  • J. Hinchliffe (junior)
  • Joshua Hinchliffe


  • G. & J. Farrah
  • J. & G. Gartside

Earthenware Dealers.

  • Joseph Bottomley
  • Kirk Joshua
  • Joseph Woodhead.

Grocers, &c.

  • Joseph Beaumont
  • Jonathan Castle
  • James Charlesworth
  • Juliana Elliott
  • Jonathan Goddard
  • Edward Hawksworth
  • Joseph Hinchliffe
  • Robert Morrey
  • Joseph Peaker
  • J. Woodhead (senior)
  • J. Woodhead (junior)


  • George Bower (junior)
  • Charlesworths & Co.
  • J. & G. Hinchliffe

Plumbers & Glaziers.

  • Joseph Bottomley
  • Brian Burton


  • Joseph Holmes
  • William Jefferies


  • Joseph Beaumont
  • George Lee
  • James Wimpenny
  • Benjamin Woodhead

Stone Masons.

  • William Barker
  • John Kirk
  • Able Thorpe


  • Benjamin Beely
  • Thomas Martin
  • James Stocks


  • James Dyson
  • William Moorhouse

Woollen Manufacturers.

  • Joseph Beaumont
  • Joshua Booth
  • John Booth
  • George Bower (junior)
  • Reginald Bower
  • Joseph Bray
  • John Bray
  • Joshua Buckley
  • Benjamin Butterworth
  • Charlesworth & Co.
  • Joshua Coutwell
  • J. & G. Hinchliffe
  • Joseph Moorhouse
  • Matthew Moorhouse
  • Jonathan Roebuck
  • Jonathan Wadsworth
  • Eli Wimpenny
  • Joshua Woodhead


  • John Turner, to the Pack Horse, Huddersfield, daily, departure at 6 morning, return same day.
  • E. & E. Brooke, to Huddersfield, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, departure 6, and return same day.
  • Joshua Moorhouse, to Huddersfield, Tuesday departure 6, return same day.

Baines' Directory (1822) - Holmfirth

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