Aspects of Huddersfield: Discovering Local History 2 (2002) edited by Stephen Wade

Aspects of Huddersfield: Discovering Local History 2 was edited by Stephen Wade and published in 2002 by Wharncliffe Publishing Limited.


Following on from the success of "Aspects of Huddersfield", the series continues with "Aspects of Huddersfield 2". Through these "Aspects" Stephen Wade offers the chance to become re-acquainted with the forgotten by-ways of the social history in the Huddersfield area.We receive an insight into the Celebration of the Local People. There is also an Investigation into Authentic Human Stories in the locality of Huddersfield. We will be taken on a nostalgic journey involving the Explanation of Culture and Attitudes in Years Gone By and the Description of Life and Work in the Last Two Centuries. We also get the chance to meet some local characters in Lively Accounts of Local Biographies. All these and much more, of Huddersfield's history, has been accumulated with vivid illustrations to create the perfect sequel to "Aspects of Huddersfield".



  • Introduction — Stephen Wade
  • Chapter 1: The Huddersfield Luddite Rebellion of 1812John A. Oldham
  • Chapter 2: James Hirst of Pole Moor: "Book April 24th, 1836, Notable Things of Various Subjects in Diary Form"Robert Gartery
  • Chapter 3: The Centre of Light and Knowledge: Thornton's Temperance Hotel, 1854-1909Alan J. Brooke
  • Chapter 4: Wool, War and the Indies: The Fisher LettersIan Sargen
  • Chapter 5: Film-Making Over Three Centuries: James Bamforth and the Film-Making PioneersIan Harlow
  • Chapter 6: Read Holliday and Lunnclough Hall: A Nineteenth Century Entrepreneur and His HomeDavid Griffiths
  • Chapter 7: "The Forgotten People of Huddersfield": Citizens of the Polish CommunityStephen Wade
  • Chapter 8: Huddersfield Picture Palaces Present: "Queuing for Dreams"Robert Preedy
  • Chapter 9: Nurses and Nursing in Huddersfield: 1870-1960Graham Thurgood
  • Chapter 10: An Artists' Colony in Leeds RoadRichard Stakes
  • Chapter 11: Quarmby Fold FolkVivien Teasdale
  • Chapter 12: Sir Thomas BrookeJohn Goodchild
  • Contributors
  • Index