Arthur Haigh (photographer)

Arthur Haigh was a "photographic artist".


Although Haigh is known to have given his studio's address as Bryam Arcade (incorrectly spelt as "Byran Arcade" on some photographers).

By 1893, he had moved to 26 Queen Street but presumably experienced financial difficulties as his stock and furnishings were auctioned in November:[1]


Under Distress for Rent.

MR. FRANK SMITH will SELL BY AUCTION on the premises of Mr. Arthur Haigh, Photographic Artist, as above, on Thursday next, November 9th, 1893, the PHOTOGRAPHER'S PROPERTY, STOCK, AND FURNISHINGS, including Valuable CAMERA AND LENS, enlarging camera, negatives, scenery, burnishing machine, photo frames, showcases, photo frames, showcases, photo chair, and stools, &c.

30 OIL PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS, bentwood chairs, linoleum, oak stand, carpets, walnut hat and umbrella stand, two asbestos stoves, couch, &c.

Contents of Bedroom and Kitchen.

Earlier on in 1893, he had been fined 1 shilling and costs for "having an unlicensed dog in his possession" on 7 March.[2]


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