Arthur Dawson and Sons, Limited

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Arthur Dawson & Sons, Ltd., were cotton manufacturers based at Fern Mill on Leeds Road in the 1890s, and later at Aspley Mills, St. Andrew's Road.

The firm was established by Arthur Dawson (1851-1926)[1] of Thorn Dene, 37 Bath Street, and his sons Frank Arthur Dawson and Henry Dawson.

An invoice from 1891 named them as a fancy cotton manufacturer and offered:

  • nopped yarns in all colours
  • fancy cotton warps
  • coloured cotton on spools or bobbins
  • indigo blue for listing

The company went into liquidation in November 1949.[2]

Notes and References

  1. Died 25 August 1926 leaving an estate valued at £69,118 5s. 9d.
  2. London Gazette (18/Nov/1949).

Arthur Dawson and Sons, Limited


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