Annie Maria Sykes (1867-?) née Jepson


Annie Maria Jepson was born in Lockwood, the daughter of Edwin Jepson and his wife Harriet.

She married Sam Sykes, the son of John Sykes and his wife Mary (née Beever), on 21 September 1889 at Huddersfield Parish Church. The couple had two sons:

  • Louis Sykes (1889-?)[1]
  • Raymond Sykes (c.1896-1913)


Annie Maria was a Suffragette and a member of the Huddersfield branch of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU).

Her husband's aunt was Ellen Beever, who was also a Suffragette.

She was one of five branch delegates who attended the WSPU rally and subsequent march on Parliament which took place on 13 February 1907 — the other delegates being Mrs. Mosley (Deighton), Mrs. Hellawell (Lockwood), Ellen Beever (Crosland Moor) and Mrs. Mary Scawthorn (Marsden).[2] Annie Maria and Ellen were amongst those arrested, although they tried to claim false arrest:[3]

Miss Ellen Beever and Miss Annie Sykes, of Huddersfield, appeared together. Miss Beever said she did not know what she had been arrested for. She had not been disorderly. She only wanted to move along the pathway.

Annie's sister-in-law was Ann Sykes of 6 Primitive Street, Huddersfield, who was also a branch member.

Later Life

By 1911, the family was residing at 5 Springdale Street, Longroyd Bridge, where her husband worked as a clerk for a cloth hearthrug works.

Their son, Raymond, died in 1913, aged 17.

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