Annie Elizabeth Mosley (c.1851-1918)


Annie Elizabeth[1] was born in the Shelley area and worked as a woollen weaver.

She married labourer Alfred Mosley[2] circa 1871. The couple had ten children, but only four were still alive at the time of the 1911 Census. The known children are:

  • Annie Mosley (c.1873-?)
  • George Mosley (c.1878-?)[3]
  • Bradlaugh Mosley (1882-1923)[4]
  • Charles William Mossley (c.1884-?)

By the early 1900s, the family was residing at 20 Cherry Nook, Deighton.

She died aged 66 in February 1918 and was buried on 11 February at All Hallows, Almondbury.


Annie Elizabeth Mosley was a Suffragette and a member of the Huddersfield branch of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU).

Notes and References

  1. Her maiden name was not found during research.
  2. The surname is also recorded as Moseley and Mossley, but the spelling "Mosley" was used in the 1911 Census return.
  3. Born in Batley.
  4. Died March 1923 and buried on 19 March at All Hallows, Almondbury.