Ann Shackleton Baxter (1840-1922) née Green

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Ann Shackleton Green was one of the eleven 1852 Flood Orphans.


She was born in 1840[1], the daughter of Tamar Green and Richard Shackleton, although her parents were unmarried at the time.

Perhaps because of the fact Tamar was unmarried, Ann was instead raised by Tamar's parents, woollen mill overlooker John Green and his wife Hannah (née Lee). In 1851, they were living at Roydhouse, Linthwaite.

When her parents were killed in the Holmfirth Flood of 1852, she was officially declared a flood orphan and awarded financial support of 5 shillings per week until she reached the age of 16. It was reported in the press that Ann's "grandparents having adopted her as their own, are unwilling to part with her" so they would have been awarded the payment. At that time, John Green was described as being an "engineer at Shaw's mill, near Golcar".[2]

At the time of the 1861 Census, she was living with her grandparents at Springfield Terrace[3], Linthwaite, and working as a dressmaker.

She married married clogger Alfred Baxter of Linthwaite in May 1862 at the Queen Street Chapel in Huddersfield. The couple had six known children:

  1. Grace Hirst Baxter (1863-1924)[4]
  2. Arthur Baxter (1867-1879)[5]
  3. Sarah Hannah Baxter (1869-?)[6]
  4. Ernest Baxter (1873-1919)[7]
  5. Oswin Baxter (1876-1963)[8]
  6. Lawrence Baxter (1878-1930)[9]

Alfred Baxter died on 13 July 1896.

At the time of the 1921 Census, she was an 80-year-old "invalid" residing at 717 Springfield Terrace, Hoyle Ing, Linthwaite, the home of her widowed daughter Grace Hirst Shaw (née Baxter), along with two of Grace's children.

Ann Shackleton Baxter died on 5 November 1922.

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