Andrew Sanderson Roberts (1860-1926)

Andrew Sanderson Roberts was a woollen fettler and licensed hawker.


He was born in Armitage Bridge in 1860, the son of millwright John Roberts and his wife Sarah (née Sanderson).

By 1871, the family had moved to Bradley Mills, Dalton. By the time of the 1881 Census, Andrew was working as a weaver.

He married Agnes Senior on 7 August 1886 at Grove Place Chapel, Dalton. They had four children, although one died in infancy — the surviving three daughters were:

  • Emily Roberts (c.1890-?)
  • Lucy Roberts (c.1893-?)[1]
  • Edith Roberts (c.1898-?)

In November 1883, he gave evidence in the trial of weaver Eli Johnson of Bradley Mills, who was charged with causing the death of mechanic George Barrett of Deighton on the evening of 27 October. Together with another man, Joe Hanson, he had witnessed the attack and then helped carry Barrett to the Peacock Inn, although the landlord refused to let them enter. Barrett was drunk and bleeding from a head injury, and was eventually taken to a nearby Police Station in a semi-conscious state. Police Surgeon Irving examined Barrett and later sent him to Huddersfield Infirmary, where he died of a blood clot on the brain a few days later. Although it was claimed the clot could have been caused by Barrett falling over, the jury found Johnson guilty of manslaughter and he was sentenced to 12 months' hard labour.[2]

The 1891 Census shows the family had moved to Standiforth Buildings in Dalton, where Andrew worked as a willower and fettler at a woollen mill.[3]

The family moved Moorside, Kirkheaton, before 1898 and Andrew had become a licenced hawker. A curious photograph from this period shows him with his horse and wares, surrounded by children.[4]

The 1911 Census records the family residing at Shaw Cross, Kirkheaton, with the two eldest daughters working at a worsted mill.

Andrew Sanderson Roberts died in 1926 aged 66 at Kirkheaton.

Notes and References

  1. Married Crowther Dodson, son of butcher William Dodson, on 26 June 1922 at St. John the Baptist, Kirkheaton. Died May 1969 and was buried on 19 May at All Hallows, Almondbury.
  2. The case was covered in the Huddersfield Chronicle (10/Nov/1883) & (17/Nov/1883).
  3. A fettler was someone who cleaned machinery.
  4. Possibly the eldest girl in the photograph is his daughter Edith.

Andrew Sanderson Roberts (1860-1926)


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