And That's How the Row Began (1915)

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  • Reginald Switzpoliceman
  • Lily Ward — Florrie Catchem
  • Alf Scotty — Alf


A policeman wins over a woman by writing a sonnet.


The Bioscope (18/Mar/1915):

And That’s How the Row Began. — Boisterous knockabout comedy, with a keen love rivalry between two comic policemen as the main idea. Some ingenious adaptations of the adjacent door style of fun and a rough time for the inspector. Should go well where this class of release suits the audience. (May 3rd. 578 ft.)


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Research Notes

Although "Winky" actor Reginald Switz is apparently credited only as a policeman in this short comedy, some of the trade advertising by the Yorkshire Cine Company implies he was playing the role of "Winky" in this film: "Featuring the ever-popular Yorkshire Comedian, WINKY, in screaming fun".[2]

Notes and References

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