Ammon Wrigley - "Spring in the North Country"

The following is a transcription of a work by Saddleworth poet Ammon Wrigley (1861-1946).

Spring in the North Country

From the arms of haggard winter,
From the wan, decrepit days,
Skin and bone, she feebly falters
Up the bare, penurious ways.
O’er the dead and shrivelled bracken,
Past the starved and shivering trees,
Where the sleet winds, lean and hungry,
Gnaw the rags about her knees.
Raw-boned March, a surly miser,
Gives her food and lodging poor,
Till some passing elf of sunshine
Gently opens April’s door.
Then the April whim and caprice
Flings the maiden scorn and jest,
Till at length her flouting tempers
Melt to love around her guest.
May then greets her warm with passion,
Knows her fair and sweet and good;
Leads her to the gates of summer,
Grown to perfect womanhood!

Ammon Wrigley - "Spring in the North Country"


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