Ammon Wrigley - "Life"

The following is a transcription of a work by Saddleworth poet Ammon Wrigley (1861-1946).


Life is short un fere uncertain,
Un wi’ ar’not safe an heaur,
Sum ur tacken when thi’re buddin,
Sum ur tacken fere i’ fleawer.
Sum ur like the leaves i? Autumn
When thi’ wither op oth stoak;
Fur owd Death is awlus shappin
Heaw toh mack a end o’ foak.
If wi’ know a mon ut Sunday,
Then let’s know him every day;
Fur he’s just th’ same mon ut warty,
Un th’ best ov us ur nobbut clay.
Cloas ur nowt but cloth un stitches,
Wots inside um macks the mon;
Then let’s ne’er look deawn O’ nobedy
’Cose he’s greasy breeches on.
Tack noh heed o’ prayer un preychin,
Fur it macks foak preaud un queer,
Let’s bi jannock, one toh th’ tother,
Bit o’th time wi’ tarry here.
On Life’s road thers reawm toh travel.
Ne’er thrutch others under th’ wo’,
Th’ owd church bell ull soon bi tollin
Th’ gress ull soon bi o'er us O’.

Ammon Wrigley - "Life"


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