Ammon Wrigley - "All Ask"

The following is a transcription of a work by Saddleworth poet Ammon Wrigley (1861-1946).

All Ask

Old tales to tell when old friends meet
Round homely hearths on merry nights,
To loll at ease in old arm chairs,
While at the door the cold wind bites.
Old friends, old tales, old hearths, old chairs,
Are all I ask, enough for me,
And he who finds no joy in them
How lone and drear his life must be.
Old songs to sing when old friends meet—
The dear folk songs of days long gone,
Old pipes to smoke, old wines to drink
That make the night roll gaily on.
Old friends, old songs, old pipes, old wines,
Are all I ask, and till life ends
I ne’er will seek a greater joy
Than merry nights with dear old friends.

Ammon Wrigley - "All Ask"


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