Ammon Wrigley - "A Springtime Letter"

The following is a transcription of a work by Saddleworth poet Ammon Wrigley (1861-1946).

A Springtime Letter

Oh, here is Mollie’s letter,
She writes a dainty hand;
It looks as though a fairy
Had waved its little wand.
She says “I’ve seen a swallow
And heard a linnet sing;
There’s blossom on the blackthorn,
And everywhere is spring”.
“It is a lovely morning,
The night has left no dregs,
And every bit of heaven
Is blue as throstle eggs”.
“I’m writing by a window,
And looking out I see
A little mist of greenery
Upon a cherry tree”.
“A golden rain of kingcups,
Has fallen by the stream;
And in the primrose hollows
There’s April spilling cream”.
“There'll soon be blossom hedges,
About the end of May,
With trees as white as bridesmaids
Upon a wedding day”.
“I see the sunny hayfield,
Where we'd a jolly tea;
I think of Jean and wonder
If she remembers me”.
“She’s married now and children,
And something else to do
Than leaping over haycocks
And racing me and you”.
“Our maids are busy cleaning,
The milkman says, ‘yor thrung’,
And mother’s got rheumatic,
But it isn’t in her tongue”.
“You know she calls me madcap,
But of course I don’t care,
Why should I? free and happy
Out in the open air’.
“Remember me to Sallie,
Her with the bluest eyes;
You’re blest to have a sister
So bonnie and so wise”.
“So goodbye, dearest Helen,
Oh, mother’s calling me;
She says, ‘go clean the silver’,
I’m off along the lea”.