Albert Works, Lockwood

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  • location: Albert Street, Lockwood
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: works

The 1890 Town Plan shows that Albert Works was originally situated in a smaller premises between Albert Street and Lockwood Road, near to Crowther Street. By circa 1915, it is believed that the firm of Joseph Shaw & Son Ltd. required more space and so relocated their Albert Works to a new premises on the other side of Albert Street (nearer to Bath Street). The former premises was likely then taken over by the firm of Walter Schofield Ltd. who renamed it Alma Works.

The works gradually expanded over the decades and, by the 1960s, had taken over the land formerly occupied by Spa Works and had incorporated the former Bay Horse Inn.

By 2015, the works had been acquired by Towndoor Ltd who erected a new building, called The Dyeworks, on the site.


Firms known to have been based at Albert Works include:


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