Albert Hirst (1865-1941)

Woollen cloth manufacturer Albert Hirst was the Mayor of Huddersfield between 1933 and 1935.


He was born on 6 August 1865, the son of manufacturer James Hirst and his wife Sarah.

He joined the family firm of C. & J. Hirst and Sons Limited of Longwood and eventually became a director of the company.

He married Catherine Wadsworth on 6 October 1892, the daughter of wholesale tea merchant Eli Wadsworth, at the High Street Methodist Chapel in Huddersfield. They had three children:

  • Mary Hirst (c.1894-1966)
  • Frank Crosland Hirst (c.1901-1984)
  • Edward Wadsworth Hirst (1905-1989)[1]

He was elected to the Huddersfield Town Council in 1920, having previously been a Councillor on the Golcar Urban Council.

In later years, he resided at 10 Talbot Avenue, Huddersfield, where he had a private aviary "which housed a number of rare birds."[2]

He suffered a seizure in February 1941 and spent the following months confined to bed. By October, his health was failing.[3]

Albert Hirst died aged 76 on 21 October 1941 and was buried at Edgerton Cemetery on 24 October following a funeral service held at Milnsbridge Baptist Church.[4] He left an estate valued at just over £207,433, of which he bequest £300 to the Baptist Church.

Catherine Hirst died on 24 October 1945, aged 80.[5]

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