Addle Croft, Addle Croft Lane, Lepton

This page is a bare-bones entry for a specific location marked on an old map. More detailed information may eventually be added...


  • appears on maps: 1892 [#41]
  • location: Addle Croft Lane, Lepton
  • status: still exists
  • category: farm

Discovering Old Huddersfield

Extract from Discovering Old Huddersfield (1993-2002) by Gordon & Enid Minter:

The farm buildings on the left stand on or near the site of one of Lepton's early settlements. The first evidence of it is found in 1329 when it is referred to as Arkel Croft, i.e. the croft of a man called Arkel. This name suggests a Scandinavian settlement, for the name Arkel developed from the Old Norse Arnkell or Amkettel. As such, it would fit in well with other place name evidence suggesting a Scandinavian influence in the area, for nearby are Gawthorpe and Thurgory, both names of Scandinavian origin.