Abraham Graham (1804-1871)

Abraham Graham was a stone merchant, builder and contractor who formed the company of Abraham Graham & Sons.


He was born in Huddersfield on 14 April 1804, the son of Joseph Graham[1] and his wife Mary (née Shaw).

He married Harriet Wiglesworth in August 1825. Their children are believed to include:[2]

By the time of the 1841 Census, he was residing on Manchester Road, near Longroyd Bridge, and working as a mason.

He established the building and contracting firm of Abraham Graham & Sons, most likely with his sons Tom, Aran, Abraham, Joseph and Ben.

His younger brother Benjamin established the firm of Benjamin Graham & Nephews.

The 1851 Census records him employing 36 men. By 1861, the figure had risen to 74.

Abraham Graham died suddenly on 24 June 1871, aged 67, likely from a sudden cardiac arrest.[6]

The family firm was continued after his death by his son Abraham. It was perhaps around this time that his son Ben established the separate firm of Ben Graham & Sons.

Notes and References

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  4. Born 6 June 1830 and baptised 29 August 1830 at Huddersfield Parish Church. Worked as a builder, contractor and farmer (both Thewlis Lane Farm and Dry Clough Farm). Married Isabella Dyson in 1856 and Harriet Hilda Armitage on 7 November 1877. Died 17 September 1883.
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