About Huddersfield Exposed

Huddersfield is a large market town in West Yorkshire, England, with a population of over 160,000 and is rich in both history and architecture.

Huddersfield Exposed was set up in 2015 with the follow goals:

  1. To explore the history of the town and the surrounding districts, with particular emphasis on the obscure, the unusual and the previous undocumented.
  2. To detail the lives of those who lived in the area, from the famous to the forgotten.
  3. To make available under a liberal Creative Commons License all original content created for the site.
  4. To make available a large amount of historical materials, including facsimiles, reproductions and transcriptions of books, newspaper articles, photographs, postcards, etc, where it is believed that the material is in the Public Domain or when explicit permission has been granted by the rights holder.
  5. To allow anyone with a genuine interest in the area to contribute research and materials (the latter should either be already in the Public Domain or licensed in such a way as to allowed reproduction on a non-commercial web site).

The above goals are explained in more depth here.

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