A Picturesque History of Yorkshire - volume 3 (1901) by J.S. Fletcher

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A Picturesque History of Yorkshire: Being an Account of the History, Topography, and Antiquities of the Cities, Towns and Villages of the County of York, founded on Personal Observations made during many Journeys through the Three Ridings

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  • Chapter XLVIII: The Lower Derwent (page 1)
  • Chapter XLIX: Malton: Old and New (page 19)
  • Chapter L: Surroundings of the Rye (page 30)
  • Chapter LI: Bound about Kirby Moorside and Pickering (page 54)
  • Chapter LII: The Upper Derwent (page 74)
  • Chapter LIII: Beverley and its Minster (page 86)
  • Chapter LIV: The Yorkshire Wolds (page 115)
  • Chapter LV: The Bibble from Sawley to Settle (page 145)
  • Chapter LVI: Round about Ingleborough (page 166)
  • Chapter LVII: Dentdale, Sedbergh, and Garsdale (page 200)
  • Chapter LVIII: The River Greta (page 212)
  • Chapter LIX: The Yorkshire Bank of the Tees (page 237)
  • Chapter LX: Bound about the Leven (page 261)
  • Chapter LXI: Middlesbrough (page 282)
  • Chapter LXII: The Yorkshire Coast (page 291)
  • Chapter LXIII: The Coast from Bedcar to Whitby (page 297)
  • Chapter LXIV: Whitby and the River Esk (page 318)
  • Chapter LXV: The Coast from Whitby to Scarborough (page 350)
  • Chapter LXVI: Scarborough and its Castle (page 365)
  • Chapter LXVII: The Coast from Scarborough to Flamborough (page 379)
  • Chapter LXVIII: The Coast from Bridlington to Spurn Head (391)
  • Index (page 405)