A Picturesque History of Yorkshire - volume 2 (1900) by J.S. Fletcher

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A Picturesque History of Yorkshire: Being an Account of the History, Topography, and Antiquities of the Cities, Towns and Villages of the County of York, founded on Personal Observations made during many Journeys through the Three Ridings

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  • Chapter XXV: Wakefield and its Neighbourhood (page 1)
  • Chapter XXVI: Surroundings of the Spen Valley (page 18)
  • Chapter XXVII: Huddersfield and the Valley of the Colne (page 30)
  • Chapter XXVIII: Halifax and its Surroundings (page 50)
  • Chapter XXIX: The Wharfe from Nun Appleton to Wetherby (page 72)
  • Chapter XXX: The Wharfe from Wetherby to Weston (page 94)
  • Chapter XXXI: The Valley of the Washburn (page 118)
  • Chapter XXXII: The Wharfe from Burley to Beamsley (page 130)
  • Chapter XXXIII: Bolton Priory and its Surroundings (page 152)
  • Chapter XXXIV: The Wharfe from Barden to Cam Fell (page 177)
  • Chapter XXXV: The Lower Nidd and its Surroundings (page 203)
  • Chapter XXXVI: Knaresborough and its Associations (page 217)
  • Chapter XXXVII: Harrogate : Old and New (page 238)
  • Chapter XXXVIII: The Nidd Valley (page 246)
  • Chapter XXXIX: Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale (page 258)
  • Chapter XL: Aldborough and Boroughbridge (page 271)
  • Chapter XLI: Ripon and its Cathedral (page 287)
  • Chapter XLII: Fountains Abbey (page 302)
  • Chapter XLIII: The Ure from Ripon to Leyburn (page 320)
  • Chapter XLIV: Wensleydale (page 343)
  • Chapter XLV: The Lower Swale and its Tributaries (page 359)
  • Chapter XLVI: Easby and Richmond (page 380)
  • Chapter XLVIL: Swaledale (page 398)

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