A Picturesque History of Yorkshire - volume 1 (1899) by J.S. Fletcher

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A Picturesque History of Yorkshire: Being an Account of the History, Topography, and Antiquities of the Cities, Towns and Villages of the County of York, founded on Personal Observations made during many Journeys through the Three Ridings

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  • Chapter I: The Humber from Spurn Head to Hull (page 1)
  • Chapter II: Hull as a Historic Town (page 25)
  • Chapter III: Aspects of Modern Hull (page 43)
  • Chapter IV: The Humber and the Ouse from Hull to Howden (page 59)
  • Chapter V: The Ouse from Drax Ferry to Bishopthorpe (page 78)
  • Chapter VI: The Charm of York (105)
  • Chapter VII: Historic York (page 112)
  • Chapter VIII: The Story of York Minster (page 159)
  • Chapter IX: The Show-places of Modern York (page 181)
  • Chapter X: The Upper Ouse and the Forest of Galtres (page 210)
  • Chapter XI: The River Went and its Surroundings (page 237)
  • Chapter XII: Doncaster and its Neighbourhood (page 251)
  • Chapter XIII: The River Deame and the Barnsley Coalfield (page 268)
  • Chapter XIV: Sheffield and its Surroundings (page 280)
  • Chapter XV: The Don between Sheffield and Penistone (page 309)
  • Chapter XVI: The Aire from Airmyn to Ferrybridge (page 317)
  • Chapter XVII: Pontefract and its Castle (page 331)
  • Chapter XVIII: The Aire from Castleford to Leeds (page 338)
  • Chapter XIX: Leeds in History (page 351)
  • Chapter XX: Aspects of Modern Leeds (page 367)
  • Chapter XXI: The Aire from Leeds to Bingley (page 385)
  • Chapter XXII: Bradford : Old and New (page 400)
  • Chapter XXIII: Haworth and its Surroundings (page 419)
  • Chapter XXIV: Upper Airedale (page 426)