A Mushroom Stew (1915)

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A henpecked husband tries to poison his mother-in-law with toadstools.


The Bioscope (04/Nov/1915):

A Mushroom Stew. — Winky gets rid of an unwelcome mother-in-law by preparing a stew, insisting principally of “toad-stools.” This is not a particularly humorous effort on the part of Winky, and the entire performance is decidedly amateurish. (December 23rd. 540 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (11/Nov/1915):

Mushroom Stew, A (C). — Winky is perturbed by a telegram announcing the advent of mother-in-law, who is coming to stay for a month. In his newspaper he notices that many people have been poisoned by fungi eaten in mistake for mushrooms That evening he arranges with a pall to come selling mushrooms whilst Winky is out picnicing. He takes his wife into his confidence and they prepare a mushroom stew. The newspaper paragraph comes to mother-in-law’s notice and she is convinced that they are both tried to poison her, and declares that she will never visit them again so long as she lives, to the great delight of all concerned. Released Dec. 23rd, length 540 ft.


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.