A Good Little Pal (1915)

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Cecil Swank is an aggressive young man, and the force of his wooing induces Hilda's elder sister to accept him in preference to the more retiring genuine lover Goodheart. Little Hilda, however, is determined to have her favourite as a brother-in-law. She plays all manner of impish tricks on the aggressive Cecil and eventually has her own way, when she bestows her blessing on the happy couple.


The Bioscope (11/Mar/1915):

A Good Little Pal. — The leading feature of this bright little comedy is the fact that it so admirably serves to display the talents of the clever child artiste, Baby Langley. The manner in which she plays some very mischievous pranks upon an undesired suitor for her sister’s hand is very diverting. Only slight in story, but quite a good subject, very well produced. (April 22nd. 576 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (11/Mar/1915):

Last week’s Langley film was entitled “A Good Little Pal,” and exhibited the prodigy in some characteristic antics—though we imagine it possible that Bamforth’s have some better stories in store for her. In this one she makes play with her. sister's two suitors, leading the one she doesn’t like into several booby traps and literally pushing the other into favour. It is all familiar enough fun, but Baby Langley’s sudden inspirations are a delight to watch and will stand her in good stead in a stronger theme. Her capacity ior practical joking and sly grimacing seems unlimited and her laugh is certainly infectious. We shall follow this young lady’s whimsicalities with pleasure.


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Notes and References

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