A Bid for a Bounty (1915)

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The hero's endeavour to defraud the Government ends in a surprise from an unexpected direction.


The Bioscope (23/Sep/1915):

A Bid for a Bounty. — A very mild little comic, dealing with the efforts of a parent to secure an increase in the state bounty. (November 8th. 509 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (07/Oct/1915):

Bid for a Bounty, A (C). — The wily Winky instructs the nurse to borrow a couple of children to add to the one expected so that he may draw three 30s. bounties from the Government. A friend enters and convinces him that the State allows nothing extra for quantities. He therefore tells the nurse to take away the extra children. To his horror, he then discovers that the triplets are really his — his bid for a bounty has recoiled on his own head! Released Nov. 8th, length 509 ft.


Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.
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