1937 Directory:Who's Who

1937 Huddersfield Directory
This page was part of a project to digitise the 1937 Huddersfield County Borough Directory. The entire directory can now be read and searched online.
The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.

Who's Who.

AHIER, Philip, B.Sc., L.C.P., M.R.S.T. ; b. St. Helier, Jersey, 18 April, 1887 ; s. of Philip Ahier, Jersey ; Educ. : Jersey Modern School ; University College (London University) ; m. (1) 1915, Marianne Chambers (died 1932), (2) 1933, Sadie, d. of George Higson, Hudd. ; appointed Assistant Mathematical Master, Huddersfield College, June, 1914 ; Lecturer in Local History at the Hudd. Technical College ; Hon. See. Hudd. Thespians, 1925-9 ; Trustee Hudd. Thespians ; Hon. Sec. Antiquarian Section of the Hudd. Naturalist, Photographic and Antiquarian Society ; a member of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society and of the Societe Jersiaise. Publications : Studies in Local Topography, and contributions to local press. Address : 24, Lightridge Road, Sheepridge, Hudd.

ATKINS, Henry Ernest, M.A. ; b. 20 Aug., 1872 ; Educ. : Wyggeston Grammar School, Leicester ; Peterhouse, Cambridge ; m. 1922, E. S. Wilson ; Head Master of Huddersfield College from 1909 to 1936 ; joined Leicester Chess Club at the age of 15 years, and in 1899 made first appearance on the Continent as an international player ; from 1906 to 1912 winner of the British Chess Championship every year ; represented England at the International Chess Tournament held at Warsaw, 1935 ; member of the Hudd. Chess Club. Address. : 36, Gled-holt Road, Marsh, Hudd.

BAILEY, David James, J.P. ; b. 12 June, 1859 ; Educ. : National Schools, Golcar ; St. Peter's, Bournemouth ; Bury Grammar School ; m. 1888, Sarah Hannah, d. of William Sykes, Share Hill, Golcar ; admitted n, Solicitor in Jan., 1886, and late senior partner in the firm of Owen, Bailey & Hulme, Solicitors, Hudd. (retired 1936) ; Clerk to Golcar School Board, 1894-1904, Linthwaite School Board and Linthwaite U.D.C., 1904-27 ; Clerk to the Colne and Holme Joint Hospital Committee, 1904-36 ; a member of the Golcar Cricket Club for 60 years. Address : Holly Bank, Golcar, nr. Hudd.

BAINES, Ven. Archdeacon Albert, M.A. ; Educ. : North Eastern County School ; St. John's College, Cambridge ; m. d. of James Harrison, Liverpool : curate of All Saints', Sheffield, 1897-1905 ; Vicar of St. George's, Newcastle-under-Lyme, 1905-10, of St. Helen's, Lanes., 1910-25, of Hudd., 1925-35 ; Archdeacon of Halifax since 1935 ; Canon since 1935 ; examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Wakefield ; Proctor in Convocation ; a member of the Church Assembly. Address : Thorpe Grange, Almondbury.

BARLOW, Joseph, J.P. ; b. 9 April, 1880 ; 5. of Ellis Barlow, Manufacturing Chemist, Birchencliffe ; Educ : Oakes Council School and Higher Grade School, Hudd. ; m. 1905, Amy Bottomley ; retired Wool Merchant and Top Maker ; represented the Lindley Ward of the Hudd. Borough Council from 1910 to 1917 ; re-elected 1928 ; elected Mayor 1935, and invited by the Council to continue in office for a second year ; Chairman of the Finance, Estate, Valuation, and General Purposes Committees ; Chairman Hudd. Town A.F.C., 1920-26 ; Trustee Lindley Thorncliffe Street Methodist Church. Recreation : Gardening. Address : The Bungalow, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley, Hudd.

BEST, James Flower ; b. 27 Sept., 1885 ; Educ. : Darlington Grammar School ; Head of the firm of Mills & Best, Solicitors, Hudd. (Notary Public) ; joined the 168th Brigade R.F.A. on its formation ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1933 ; played cricket for Huddersfield (1910-11) and with Kirkburton for 20 years ; former player Hudd. Hockey Club, and present President and Treasurer ; President of the Hudd. Incorporated Law Society, 1935 ; Chairman of the Hudd/Branch of the British Legion. Address : "Greenbank," 16, Imperial Road, Hudd.

CROWTHER, Lawrence, O.B.E., J.P. ; b. 5 June, 1890 ; s. of Joe Crowther, Golcar ; Educ : National Schools, Golcar ; m. 1903, Clara, d. of Thomas Wood ; senior partner in the firm of Robert Ramsden & Co., Stock and Share Brokers, Hudd. ; during the years 1014-18 served on many important local committees, including Hudd. Food Control Committee (Sec.) and West Biding County Council War Savings Committee ; Trustee and Manager of Hudd. and Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank ; Director Halifax Building Society ; Chairman of Finance Committee Hudd. Y.M.C.A. ; member of General Purposes and Finance Committee National Y.M.C.A. ; Governor and member of Management Committee Hudd. Royal Infirmary ; President Hudd. and District Victoria Nurses' Association ; President Hudd. Choral Society ; a member of the Finance Board of the Methodist Church and various committees. Recreations : Golf and Tennis. Address : 30, Talbot Avenue, Hudd.

CROWTHER, William Alfred ; 6. 17 April, 1877 ; 3rd s. of late Wm. Crowther, J.P., Slaithwaite ; Educ. : Rossall ; m. 1899, Lucy Hannah, d. of Alfred Sykes, J.P., Thongsbridge ; Director of W. & E. Crowther, Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Slaithwaite, of Woolcombers, Ltd., of Lloyds Bank, Ltd. (Yorks. Local Board), of Yorks. Electric Power Co., of North Lines, and Howden Electric Power Co., of Smedley's Hydro Co., Ltd. ; was a member of the British Economic Mission to Far East, 1930 31 ; past President of Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce : President of the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary ; Director of Huddersfield Building Society. Address : Ed<zerton Hill, Hudd.

DAWSON, Harry ; J.P., F.T.I. ; b. Nov., 1863 ; Educ. : Lockwood Board School, Hudd. ; m. 1890, Bertha R. Roberts, Melbourne, Australia ; Governing Director of H. Dawson, Sons & Co., Ltd., Wool Brokers, Huddersfield, London, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Buenos Ayres ; Director Halifax Building Society ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1913 to 1917 ; past President British Wool Federation, of Hudd. Chamber of Commerce ; Hon. Vice-President International Chamber of Commerce ; Lay Representative Wesley an Conference. Publications : "The Wool Outlook" (Trade Review). Address : Birkby Grange, Hudd. ; 11, Lorraine Mansions, Highbury, London.

DAWSON, Ald. Wilfrid, J.P., ; K Berry Brow, Hudd., 1 June, 1871 ; Educ. : Berry Brow and Spring Grove Board Schools ; Hudd. Technical College ; m. 1895, Ruth Elizabeth Littlewood ; entered the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. (unopposed) in 1917 ; elected Alderman in 1920 and Mayor in 1921-23 ; made an honorary Freeman of the Borough, 25 July, 1934 ; Chairman of the Finance and Watch Committees 1921-36 ; played an important part in the negotiations for the purchase of the Ramsden Estate by the Huddersfield Corporation in 1919, the largest purchase of valuable urban land ever made by a British municipality ; Chairman of the Estate Committee, 1920-31 ; a member of the firm of F. W. Bentley & Co., Stock and Share Brokers, Hudd. and Leeds ; a Director and Vice-Chairman of the Hudd. Town Association Football Club, Ltd., and Director of many other public industrial companies. Died 11 Aug., 1936.

DICKS, John Winston ; b. 2 Sept., 1899 ; S. of E. B. Dicks, Kingston, Jamaica ; Educ. : Calabar College, Jamaica ; m. 1925, Gertrude, d. of late John McKinna ; a Director of Joseph Woodhead & Sons, Ltd., proprietors of "The Huddersfield Examiner" ; has edited the "In and About" column in "The Huddersfield Examiner" for several vears ; a Deacon of Highfield Congregational Church, Hudd. ; Hon. Treasurer Institute of Journalists (Yorks. District). Address : 17, Imperial Road, Hudd.

DODDS, George Elliott, M.A. ; b. 4 Mar., 1889 ; y.s. of G. W. Dodds, Sydenham, Kent ; Educ. : Mill Hill School ; New College, Oxford ; m. 1918, Frances Zita MacDonald, d. of the Rev. Joseph Johnson, Sale, Cheshire ; Brackenbury and Longstaffe Exhibitioner ; first class Honours School of Modern History ; edited "The Isis," and elected Junior Librarian of the Oxford Union Society ; private secretary to Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Samuel (Postmaster-General), 1913 ; joined the staff of "The Huddersfield Examiner" in 1914, appointed a Director in 1920 and Editor a few years later ; from 1916 to 1918 served in Ministry of Information under late Rt. Hon. C. F. G. Masterman ; Liberal candidate York City 1922 and 1923 ; Halifax, 1929 ; Rochdale, 1931 and 1935 ; Chairman National League of Young Liberals, 1927-32 ; elected President 1932 ; member of the Liberal Party Executive ; a Deacon of Highfield Congregational Church, Hudd. Publications : "Is Liberalism Dead?" (1919) ; "Liberalism in Action" (1922) ; "The Social Gospel of Liberalism" (1926). Address : Jockey Hall, Dog Kennel Bank, Hudd.

DYSON, Taylor, M.A. (Hons.) ; Educ. : Hudd. Technical College ; Manchester University ; London University ; Caen and Marburg ; professional appointment Newbury Grammar School, 1901-2 ; Penarth Inter. School, 1903-7 ; Cranbrook Grammar School, 1908 ; House Master Nottingham High School, 1908-13 ; Head Master of Almond-bury (King James') Grammar School since 1913. Publications : Numerous School Text-books in History, English and Modern Languages ; "Almondbury and its Ancient School" ; "History of Huddersfield and District from the earliest times down to 1932." Recreations : Tennis and Golf. Address : Schoolhouse, 41, St. Helen's Road, Almondbury, Hudd.

FIELD, Joseph Henry, O.B.E., LL.B. (Lond.) ; b. Swansea ; s. of late H. H. Field, Solicitor, Husborne Crawley ; Educ. : Bishop Gore's Grammar School, Swansea ; London University ; m. Lilian Franees Austin, author of "An Introduction to the Study of the Renaissance" ; admitted a Solicitor in 1887 and for several years managing clerk large firm of solicitors in Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Deputy Town Clerk of Hudd., 1896-99 ; Deputy Town Clerk of Bolton, 1899-1903 ; appointed Town Clerk of Hudd., 1903 ; retired 1930 ; Clerk of the Peace, Hudd. ; a member of Board of Managers Hudd. and Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank ; Hon. Sec. Hudd. Branch.of N.S.P.C.C. ; a member of Hudd. Club, Outlane Golf Club, and Lodge of Harmony. Address : Springwood Hall, Hudd.

FREEMAN, John Arthur, M.A. (Cantab.) ; b. 3 July, 1874 ; s. of late Col. Charles Edward Freeman, Hudd. ; Educ. : Bournemouth ; Marlborough College ; Pembroke College, Cambridge ; m. 1910, Bertha Mary, d. of late Thomas Butler, Suirville, County Tipperary ; Barrister at Law, 1896 ; a member of the firm of Brook, Freeman, Booth & Fisher, Solicitors, Hudd, (Notary Public) ; served European War, 1914-17. Address : Netherfield, Netherton, nr. Hudd.

FRENCH, Edward ; b. 1884 ; Educ. : Crosslev's School, Halifax ; m. 1924, Alice Attenborough ; served European War in R.N. ; on the staff of the Leeds College of Music and Elocution since 1919 ; has given dramatic and humorous recitals and character studies in all parts of the United Kingdom, his Dickensian portrayals receiving high commendation and revealing him to be a master of the art of make-up ; represented by The Lecture Agency, Ltd., since 1924. Address : 28, Thornhill Avenue, Marst, Hudd.

GARDINER, Arthur ; b. 15 July, 1889 ; Educ. : St. Paul's Church School, Hudd. ; m. 1923, Alice Lilian Timmins ; a member of the Executive Council of Dyers and Finishers' Union at the age of 19 years ; after amalgamation with Textile Workers' Union, Secretary of Oakes Branch ; appointed Secretary and Agent Hudd. Labour Party 1926 ; Editor of "Huddersfield Citizen" since 1931 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1927 to 1930 ; re-elected 1934 ; elected Alderman in 1935. Address : "Aldonholme," 43, Jackroyd Lane, Newsome, Hudd.

GEE, Allen, O.B.E., J.P. ; b. Lindley, 7 Sept., 1852 ; s. of John and PrisciHa Gee, hand-loom weavers ; Educ. : Lindley Church of England School ; m. 1875, Jane Roberts ; worked as a piecer at the age of eleven years and at nineteen years as a weaver ; appointed to the staff of the "Yorkshire Factory Times" in 1899 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1892 to 1913 ; elected Alderman in 1904 ; Chairman of the Hudd. Weavers' Union during the great strike of 1883 ; Secretary of General Union of Textile Workers 1886-1922 ; elected President at the inauguration of the Hudd. Trade and Labour Council in 1886 ; associated with the foundation of Friendly and Trades Societies' Club, Hudd. ; Chairman Hudd. Licensing Committee, 1927-1933 ; Chairman Hudd. Health Insurance Committee. Address : Bleak House, Oakes Road South, Quarmby, Hudd.

GIBSON, John McIlrath, B.A., M.D., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., D.P.H. ; b. County Antrim, Ireland, 8 April, 1888 ; Educ. : Queen's University, Belfast : m. 1918, Leila May Parker ; served European War in Royal Army Medical Corps as a specialist sanitary officer ; former Asst. Medical Officer of Health, Cumberland County Council ; Medical Officer of Health, Radcliffe ; Medical Officer of Health, Hyde, 1926-1930 ; appointed Medical Officer of Health, Hudd., 1930. Address : Acre House, Lindley, Hudd.

GLAISYER, Julia Robson, J.P. ; b. 5 Nov., 1870 ; d, of late Joshua W. Robson, J.P. ; Educ. : The Mount School, York ; m. 1898, Henry Glaisyer, LL.B., Birmingham (died 1904) ; a co-opted member of the Education Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council. Address : "Redesdale," Almondbury, Hudd.

GLENDINNING, George ; b. 1879 ; Educ. : Fartown Grammar School ; Harrogate College ; m. E. R. Taggart, Glasgow ; Chairman of Directors Glendinning Bros., Ltd., Woollen Cloth Manufacturers, Tanfield Mills, Hudd. ; Director of Yorkshire Electric Transformer Co., Ltd. ; past President Hudd. Woollen and Worsted Federation ; member of executive Hudd. Chamber of Commerce ; member of Hudd. Safety First Association, of Hudd. St. Andrew's Society. Address : Arley House, Thornhill Road, Hudd.

GODSMARK, Harry Citford, A.M.I.A.E., M. Inst. T. ; former chief technical assistant Manchester Corporation and technical assistant London County Council ; Deputy General Manager Nottingham Corporation Passenger Transport Department ; appointed General Manager and Engineer, Hudd. Corporation Passenger Transport Department, 1933. Address : 110, Luck Lane, Paddock, Hudd.

GOULDEN, Horace, F.L.A. ; b. 25 Nov., 1890 ; m. 1920, Olive, d. of John Seeker, Leeds ; served on the staffs of the Torquay and Goole Public Libraries ; Deputy Librarian Hudd. Public Library and Art Gallery, 1913-25 ; appointed Librarian and Curator, 1925. Address : 7, Spinkfield Road, Birkby, Hudd.

GRAINGER, John, Ph.D., B.Sc. ; b. 2 Oct., 1904 ; s. of Edward Grainger ; Educ. : Huddersfield College Secondary School ; Huddersfield Technical College ; Leeds University ; m. 1931, Mary Hewlett, M.Sc. ; Research Fellow of the University of Wisconsin, U.S.A. ; Lecturer in Horticultural Botany, Leeds University ; Curator, Tolson Memorial Museum, Ravensknowle, Hudd., since 1933 ; University Tutorial Lecturer in Biology, University of Leeds. Publications : "Virus Diseases of Plants" ; "Garden Science."

GRAY, Harry Andrew Bennie, M.I.Mech.E., M.I.E.S., F.S.S., M.I.Chem.E. ; b. Elderslie, Renfrewshire, 28 April, 1880 ; s. of Daniel Gray, Glasgow ; Educ. : City Public School, Glasgow ; Royal Technical College, Glasgow ; Chief Engineer for Mossend Steelworks, with Wm. Beardmore & Co., Ltd. ; joined the firm of W. C. Holmes & Co., Ltd., Hudd., as Manager, in 1908, and later became a Director ; since 1925 has practised as a Consultant ; President of the Hudd. Chamber of Commerce, 1931 and 1932 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1933 ; a co-opted member of the Technical and Further Education Committee ; appointed Chairman Hudd. Local Employment Committee, 1928, of Hudd. Juvenile Advisory Committee, 1928, of Hudd. Local Unemployment Assistance Tribunal ; President Hudd. Engineering Employers' Association, 1923-25 ; responsible for the formation in 1918 of the Huddersfield Engineers' Training Association for the education of Apprentices, of which body he has been Chairman since 1929 ; a member of the Board of Managers Hudd. and Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank ; Hon. Secretary Hudd. National Savings Committee since 1929 ; Hon. Secretary of Hudd. Rotary Club since its inception in 1921 ; President, 1927-28 ; President Hudd. St. Andrew's Society, 1924-25. Address : "Duneira," 46, Gledholt Road, Marsh.

GREENHALGH, James ; b. 10 July, 1878 ; s. of James Greenhalgh, Hudd. ; Educ : Lockwood Church and Spring Grove Board Schools ; m. 1907, Ethel B. Ramsden ; Director J. Shaw, Son & Greenhalgh, Ltd., Engineers, Hudd. ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1921 to 1936 ; past President Hudd. Engineering Employers' Association ; a former member of the Hudd. Choral Society. Address : "Moorleigh," Dryclough Road, Crosland Moor, Hudd.

GREGSON, James Richard ; b. Brighouse, 2 April, 1889 ; s. of Charles Gregson ; Educ. : Victoria Board School and Rastrick Common Board School, Brighouse ; m. 1912, Florence Hine, Manchester ; commenced work in a cotton factory at the age of 12 years, subsequently a clerk in a steel foundry and the office of a civil engineer ; appointed acting manager Hudd. Theatre Royal, 1919 ; associated with the foundation of the Hudd. Thespians (1920) and the Leeds Industrial Theatre, Leeds Civic Playhouse (first producer) and Bradford Civic Playhouse. Author of the following plays : "Liddv," "T' Marsdens,"' 1917 ; "A Democrat from Debrett," "Young Imeson," 1918 ; "Melchisedek," 1923 ; "Sar' Alice," 1924 ; "The Way of an Angel," "Morocco Calf," 1926 ; "The Devil a Saint," 1927 ; "Saint Mary Ellen," 1928 ; "High Dudgeon," 1932 ; "Portrait of a Lady," "Borrowed Likeness," 1933 ; "Storm in Port," 1934 ; "A Family Fugue," 1935 ; also several radio plays, including "Shameless Wayne," "Whatsoever," "Five Quid Pro Quo," "General Lord Fairfax," "Captain James Cook," and a novel "Melody on Moorside." In 1931 toured with his own Yorkshire Players. Responsible for the production of "The Six Men of Dorset" and Tableaux at the jubilee celebration of the Hudd. and District Associated Trades and Industrial Council, June, 1935. Elected a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd., Dec., 1935 ; producer for the Hudd. and District Drama League of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in Greenhead Park, June, 1936. Address : 30, Wiggan Lane, Sheepridge, Hudd.

GURNEY, Denies St. John Cecil, B.A. (Lond) ; b. 18 March, 1893 : s. of late Rev. W. F. C. Gurney, Marseilles ; Educ. : Marseilles ; King's School, Canterbury ; Leeds University ; m. Annie, d. of Tate John Gordon, J.P., Glasgow ; assistant master Hinckley Grammar School and Whitgift Grammar School ; senior Modern Languages master City of Leeds School ; Head Master of Royds Hall Secondary School, Hudd. since 1934. Publications : General Editor of the Oxford Rapid Reading French Texts. Address : 37, Victoria Street, Lindley, Hudd.

HAMMOND, Walter ; b. White Cottage, Birkby, Hudd., 1848 ; s. of late William Hammond, Market Gardener, Birkby Hill ; Educ. : St. Paul's Church School, Hudd. ; m. 1879, Phoebe, d. of late John Iredale, Birkby ; late representative of Joseph Dyson & Sons, John Taylor & Sons, Hirst Hanson & Sons, and Kaye & Stewart, Ltd. (formerly Kaye & Crowther), Cloth Manufacturers, Hudd. ; Chairman Hudd. Commercial Travellers' Assoc., 1896 ; President Fartown Conservative Club, 1895-6 ; a lifelong connection with St. John's Church, Hudd. ; Churchwarden, 1890-91 and 1898-1900 ; Sunday School Superintendent until 1912 ; P. Prov. Grand Deacon of West Yorkshire Freemasons ; member and P.M. of the Lodge of Harmony ; a member of the Chapter of Perseverance, No. 275 ; elected Z in 1924. Recreation : Still enjoys a game of bowls. Address : 6, Percy Street,, Fartown, Hudd.

HANSON, John Henry F.R.I.C.E., P.P.S.I. ; b. 23 Nov., 1851 ; Educ. : Birmingham ; m. 1880 ; senior partner in the firm of Abbey & Hanson, Land Surveyors and Valuers, Hudd. Address : Daisy Lea, Lindley,

HEYWOOD, William Henry, J.P. ; b. 17 Mar., 1854 ; Educ. : Fartown Grammar School ; m. 1878, Sarah Edwards ; founder and Governing Director of W. H. Heywood & Co., Ltd., Patent Glazing and Roofing Engineers, Hudd., and a director of other companies in Woollen Textiles, Cotton and Engineering Trades ; a member of the Hudd. Board of Guardians from 1907 until the passing of the Poor Law Act, 1930. Address : Holly Mount, Birkby, Hudd.

HILL, Annie, M.A. (Lond.) ; Educ. : King Edward VI. High School, Birmingham ; Head Mistress Devonport Secondary School for Girls, 1911-18 ; appointed Head Mistress Greenhead High School, Hudd., 1918 ; a member of British Federation of University Women, of the Association of Head Mistresses, of Hudd. Teachers' Federal Council, of Hudd. Safety First Council, of Hudd. Juvenile Advisory Committee, of Committee Hudd. Soroptimist Club, of Local Council N.S.P.C.C. ; Vice-Chairman Hudd. and District Branches Council League of Nations Union, and a, member of the committee Hudd. Branch League of Nations Union. Address : 4, Gledholt Road, Hudd.

HINCHCLIFFE, Arthur Edward Townend, LL.B., Solicitor ; e.s. of late Edward Hinchcliffe, Bretton West ; Educ. : Holyrood School ; Owens College, Manchester ; m. Hannah, d. of William Almond, Solicitor, Manchester ; senior partner in the firm of Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe, Solicitors, Hudd. ; past President and Governor, Hudd. Law Society ; a co-opted member of the Public Library and Art Gallery Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council ; Chairman of Court of Referees (Hudd. and District) under the Unemployment Act ; Vice-President and Chairman of General Committee Hudd. Cricket and Athletic Club ; Representative for Hudd. and District on Committee Yorkshire County Cricket Club ; past President Hudd. Organists' Association. Address : Woodside, Hudd.

HIRST, Albert, Ald. ; b. 6 Aug., 1865 ; s. of late James Hirst, Longwood Educ. : Longwood and Huddersfield ; m. 1892, Catherine Wadsworth a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1920 elected Alderman in 1932 and Mavor in 1933-5 ; Deputy Mavor 1935-6 ; Director C. & J. Hirst & Sons, Ltd., Fancy Woollen Manufacturers, Longwood. Hudd, Address : 10, Talbot Avenue, Hudd.

HIRST, Amos Brook ; b. 6 Dec., 1878 ; s. of Benjamin Hirst, Corn Miller ; Educ. : Longwood Grammar School ; Huddersfield College ; m. 1906, Violet Hilda, d. of James Albert Woolven, J.P. ; Registrar Huddersfield and Halifax County Courts, and Huddersfield and Halifax High Court of Justice ; a Director of Hudd. Building Society, of People's Thrift Society, Ltd., of Belwil Co., Ltd. ; Hon. Manager Hudd. and Upper Agbrigg Savings Bank ; Chairman of Directors Hudd. Town Association Football Club, Ltd. ; a member of the Football League Management Committee and of the Council of the Football Association. Address : "Brookleigh," 46, New Hey Road, Hudd.

HIRST, Charles ; b. Hudd., 8 May, 1843 ; s. of Charles Hirst, Wool Merchant, Chancery Lane, Hudd. ; Educ. : Huddersfield College ; m. (1) 1865, Mary Thomson (died 1897), (2) 1899, Clara Burton ; entered his father's business at the age of 16 years, and attended his first wool sale a year later ; has visited Australia 8 times, first in 1867 and last in 1899 ; elected a Deacon of Ramsden Street Congregational Chapel in 1869 ; Sunday School Superintendent 1878-81 ; one of the founders of Milton Church, Hudd., and Sunday School Suprintendent until the age of 84 years ; with one exception (absent in Australia) has "worked and voted Liberal" at every election held in Huddersfield since eligible to vote ; member of Hudd. Liberal Club since its formation. Address : Lynwood, 17, King's Mill Lane, Hudd.

HIRST, Major Ernest Edwin, J.P. ; b. 5 Sept., 1869 ; s. of Charles Hirst (see above) ; Educ. : Huddersfield College ; m. 1897, Florence Maud, d. of late J. H. Sykes, J.P. ; partner in the firm of E. E. Hirst & Co., Wool Merchants, Hudd., 1886-1920 ; now on the staff of "The Huddersfield Examiner" ; Major Commanding 2nd V.B. Duke of Wellington's Regiment, 1915-19 ; prominently associated with the Hudd. Amateur Operatic Society for many years ; Hon. Sec. Hudd. Liberal Association, 1925-30 ; Hon. Sec. Woodsome Hall Golf Club, 1925-30. Recreation : Golf ; Address : 41, Cleveland Road, Hudd.

HIRST, George Crowther ; b. 27 Dec., 1866 ; s. of late Crosland Hirst, Longwood ; Educ. : Longwood Grammar School ; m. Lillie, d. of late Walker Dyson, Milnsbridge ; Chairman of Directors C. & J. Hirst & Sons, Ltd., Fancy Woollen Manufacturers, Longwood, Hudd. ; a member of Council of Hudd. Chamber of Commerce and of Association of British Chambers of Commerce. Publications : "Safeguarding for the Woollen Trade" (1929). Address : "Greylands," Almondbury, Hudd.

HIRST, George Herbert ; b. Kirkheaton, 7 Sept., 1871 ; Educ. : Kirkheaton National School ; m. 1896, Emma Kilner, Kirkheaton ; first played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1889 (retired 1929) ; a fine batsman, and a fast left-hand bowler ; scored 32,231 runs (56 centuries) and took 2,569 wickets in County Cricket ; on 14 occasions scored 1,000 runs and took 100 wickets, and in 1906 scored 2,000 runs and captured 200 wickets ; appointed cricket coach at Eton College 1920 ; coach Yorks. County Cricket Club. Address : 33, Glebe Street, Marsh, Hudd.

HIRST, Joseph Walker, M.A. (Cantab.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.) ; b. 28 July, 1896 ; s. of Herbert Hirst, Medical Practitioner ; Educ. : Huddersfield College ; Epsom College ; Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge ; King's College Hospital, London ; m. 1921, K. Coles, Nottingham ; Major R.A.M.C. (T.A.) ; Honorary Anaesthetist Hudd. Royal Infirmary, 1923-33 ; Honorary Physician Hudd. Royal Infirmary ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1930. Recreation : Hockey. Address : Somerset House, 68, Wakefield Road, Aspley, Hudd.

HOYLE, Lt.-Col. Sir Emmanuel, 1st Bt., cr. 1922 ; O.B.E., J.P. ; b. 23 Sept., 1866 ; s. of late Joseph Hoyle, Longwood, Hudd. ;, Educ. : Askern College ; m. 1912, Amy, d. of late George William Hilton, London ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1916 to 1924 ; Governing Director Joseph Hoyle & Son, Ltd., Woollen Manufacturers, Longwood, Hudd. ; Chairman of Dictograph Telephones, Ltd., Croydon ; President Hudd. Automobile Club. Recreations : Shooting and Motoring. Address : Banney Royd, Hudd. and Inglewood, Penrith, Cumberland.

HUDSON, James Frank, M.A., B.Sc. ; b. Camberwell, 19 Sept., 1872 ; s. of late J. Hudson, V.M.H., Acton ; Educ. : Acton Collegiate ; St. Paul's School ; Jesus College, Oxford ; m. 1905, Lilian, d. of late J. Snook, Bristol ; Assistant Lecturer at Jesus College, and Demonstrator of Physics in the Clarendon Laboratory, 1896-1900 ; Professor of Mathematics, Hartley University College, Southampton, 1900-4 ; Principal of the Technical College, Hudd., since 1904 ; Hon. Sec. National Dahlia Society, 1897-1903. Address : "Torlea," Halifax Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

HULL, Bertha Constance (Mrs.), F.R.C.O., A.T.C.L. ; Educ. : Exhibitioner Guildhall School of Music ; privately ; m. 1906, Dr. Arthur Eaglefield-Hull (died 1928), founder of the Hudd. College of Music, and General Editor of "A Dictionary of Modern Music and Musicians" (1924) ; Hon. Secretary Ladies' Committee Hudd. Music Club. Publications : Translation of Romain Rolland's "Beethoven" ; Coleridge-Taylor Album for Violin and Piano. Address : Melbourne House, 48, New North Road, Hudd.

JAGGAR, Wilfred, M. Inst. C.E., M. Inst. M. & ay. E. ; b. 31 May, 1887 ; Educ. : Hudd. Technical College ; served European War in Royal Engineers ; Fellow of the Royal Sanitary Institute ; Member of the Town Planning Institute ; Deputy Borough Engineer of Hudd., 1919-21 ; appointed Borough Engineer and Surveyor of Hudd., 1921 ; a member of Livery of the Worshipful Company of Paviours, and a freeman of the City of London. Address : "Elm Lea," Wakefield Road, Dalton.

JAGGER, Mary Anne (nee Mary Anne .Tilburn) ; b. 19 Dec., 1849 ; Educ. National School, Honley ; m. 1879, late County Ald. Samuel Jagger, J.P. ; succeeded her father in charge of the Post Office at Honley, where the family had carried the Royal Mail since 1780 ; a successful exhibitor of St. Bernard dogs and Bull-dogs for over 50 years and the first woman to be appointed a judge of St. Bernard dogs ; took an active part in the Women's Suffrage agitation ; a past member of the Archaeological Society and the oldest member of the Bronte Society ; President Honley Sing Committee ; a lifelong connection with Honley Parish Church. Publications : "Rookery Mill" ; "Is Love a Crime?" ; "Early Reminiscences" ; also contributor to standard works on dogs and newspaper articles. Died 25 Oct., 1936.

KAYE, Arthur William ; b. 1880 ; Educ. : Studied with Haddock, Leeds ; Dr. Brodsky, Manchester ; Professor Sevcik, Pisek, Bohemia ; m. 1924 ; former Leader of Hudd. Philharmonic Society and Conductor Hudd. Permanent Orchestra ; founder and Conductor of the Arthur W. Kaye String Orchestra since 1910. Address : Collegiate House, 32,. Upper George Street, Hudd.

KAYE, Sir Henry Gordon, Bart., M.A. (Oxon.), J.P. ; b. 24 Feb., 1889 ; s. of late Sir Joseph Kaye, Bart., J.P., Chairman of Kaye & Stewart, Ltd. ;. Educ. : Rugby ; Oriel College, Oxford ; m. 1916, Winifred Scales ; served European War as a Captain in K.O.Y.L.I. and Royal Flying Corps ; wounded while flying over the trenches at Ypres ; saw service in Egypt and Salonica, where he was very seriously injured in consequence of a crash ; Chairman of Directors Kaye & Stewart, Ltd., Fine Cloth Manufacturers, Hudd., and Gledhill Bros. & Co., Ltd., Hudd. ; a Director of the Sun Insurance Office, Ltd. (Leeds local branch) ; Vice-President Hudd. Building Society ; a Trustee of the Hudd. Royal Infirmary ; Vice-President Hudd. Conservative Association. Address : Out of Bounds, Fixby, nr. Hudd. ; Long Copse,. Ewhurst, Surrey.

KAYE, Joseph ; b. 13 April, 1871 ; Educ. : Delph ; m. 1904, Emma Holroyd ; Founder and Governing Director John Kaye & Son (Hudd.), Ltd., Manufacturers of "Kayso" Aprons and "Swando" Pram Rugs, King's Mill, Hudd. ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1917 to 1919. Recreation : Golf. Address : "Bryntirion," 92, New North Road, Hudd.

KAYE, Sidney, LL.B. ; b. 27 May, 1891 ; s. of Joe Kaye, Southport ; Educ. ; Wheelwright Grammar School, Dewsbury ; Leeds University ; m, 1920, Dorothy, d. of late T. B. Talbot, Savile Town, Dewsbury ; served European War, Ambulance Transport Service, France, 1915-1916, and Italy, 1916-18 ; awarded Italian Medal for Ambulance Service at Caporetto, Oct., 1917 ; a partner in the firm of Wilmshurst & Kaye, Solicitors, Hudd. ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1927 ; Hon. Secretary of Hudd. Liberal Club since 1926 and Secretary of Hudd. Incorporated Law Society, 1934-36 ; has played leading comedy roles in the productions of the Hudd. and District Amateur Light Opera Society since 1928 ; keenly interested in motoring and aviation ; a member of the Lodge of Harmony, No. 275. Address : "Hill Crest," 8, Occupation Road, Lindley.

LEE, Philip Henry ; b. Saltburn-by-the-Sea, 15 Oct., 1872 ; e.s. of late George Frederick Lee, for 27 years cashier of Armitage & Norton, Chartered Accountants, Huddersfield ; Educ. : Huddersfield College ; for 40 years in the employment of Armitage & Norton, Huddersfield ; prominent in the work for the South African War Memorial in Greenhead Park (1905) and also the Fartown and Birkby War Memorial in Norman Park (1921) ; author of "The Victoria Cross" (two editions) "Reminiscences of the Old Clough House" and newspaper contributions ; collector of War Medals and Old Glass ; a keen philatelist ; has a wide knowledge of local history. Address : Poplar Villas, 140, Halifax Old Road, Birkby, Hudd.

LEEPER, Rev. Canon Arthur Lindsay, M.A., Hon. C.F. ; b. 19 May, 1883 ; s. of Charles Leeper, Dublin ; Educ. : St. Stephen's Green School ; Trinity College, Dublin ; m. 1912, Ellen Gladys Melly (died 1936) ; received the Divinity Testimonium in 1907, and raised to the diaconate in 1908 ; curate cf Kilbarron, co. Donegal, 1908-9 ; ordained priest at Londonderry, 1909 ; Assistant Secretary Church Missionary Society, 1909-11 ; curate of Sandal Magna, 1911-15, and of Honley-with-Brockholes until appointment in 1919 as Vicar of St. Jude's, Hull ; became Vicar of All Saints', Hutton-Rudby, in 1927, and succeeded Canon Albert Baines as Vicar of Hudd., Nov., 1935. Address : The Vicarage, 78, New North Road, Hudd.

LIDDELL, John, J.P. ; b. 4 April, 1849 ; s. of late Joseph Liddell, Woollen and Worsted Manufacturer, Hudd. ; Educ. : Huddersfield College ; m. 1877, Ellen Jane, d. of late Joseph Gerrard, Solicitor, Bolton ; Chairman Liddell & Brierly, Ltd., Fine Cloth Manufacturers, Marsh, Hudd. ; joined the W. Yorks. Rifle Volunteers 1869 ; served four years as private, non-com. officer ; gazetted to the 6th W. Yorks. Rifle Volunteers 1873, Capt. 1875, Maj. 1882, retired with hon. rank of Lt.-Col. 1895, after 27 years' service 2nd Vol. W.R. Regt. ; former Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Conservative Association. Address : Burbank, Thornhill Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

MABANE, William, M.A., M.P. ; b. 12 Jan., 1895 ; s. of Joseph Greenwood Mabane, manufacturer, Leeds ; Educ. : Woodhouse Grove School ; Gonville and Oaius College, Cambridge ; Warden. Universitv Settlement, Liverpool, 1920-23 ; M.P. (Nat. Lib.) for Huddersfield since 1931 ; Governing Director, T. Mabane & Sons, Ltd., Leeds ; contributor of various articles in newspapers and periodicals. Address : 3, St. Margaret's View, Roundhay, Leeds.

MIDDLEBROOK, John Bailey, B.A., M.A. ; b. 13 Jan., 1894 ; Educ. : Bradford Grammar School ; Leeds and Oxford Universities ; Rawdon and Mansfield Theological Colleges ; m. 1923, Dorothy Mary Heron ; pastor of New North Road Baptist Church, Hudd., since July, 1923 ; past President Hudd. Rotary Club, of Hudd. and District Free Church Council, of United Executive, of Yorkshire Baptist Association ; Chairman Hudd. Branch League of Nations Union ; Viee-Chairman Hudd. Community Club. Address : 10, Gledholt Road, Hudd.

MIDDLEMOST, Henry Edwin ; b. 12 Sept., 1867 ; s. of Henry Relph Middlemost, Cloth Manufacturer, Longwood, Hudd. ; Educ. : Privately ; m. 1892, Louise Smith ; Chairman of Directors Middlemost Bros. & Co., Ltd., Cloth Manufacturers, Clough House Mills, Hudd. Address : "Foxholme," Birchenclifte, Hudd.

MITCHELL, Rowland, J.P. ; b. 10 Oct., 1871 ; of late Ald. Allan Mitchell, Ossett ; Educ. : Wakefield Grammar School ; m. 1895, Florence Wilson, Ossett ; Director of Rowland Mitchell & Co., Ltd., Worsted Manufacturers, Spa Mills, Lepton ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1909 ; elected Alderman in 1920 and Mayor in 1926-28 ; made an honorary Freeman of the Borough, 25 July, 1934 ; Chairman of Gas Committee, 1913-36 ; Chairman of Highways Committee since 1927 ; a Director of the Hudd. Town Association Football Club, Ltd. Address : The Grange, Kirkheaton, nr. Huddersfield.

MOORE, Samson George Haydock, M.D., Ch.B., M.R.C.P., D.P.H. ; b. 29 July, 1865 ; member of Ulster Plantation family, and the Lancashire Hay docks ; Educ. : Liverpool ; Bruges ; London ; m. 1897, Mary Ada Gibson ; Assistant Medical Officer of Health for Liverpool, 1893-1901 ; Medical Officer of Health for'Hudd., 1901-1930 ; introduced scheme in Hudd. (1905) for voluntary notification of births, which was afterwards made compulsory all over the country by Act of Parliament ; member of Executive Committee National Association for the Prevention of Infant Mortality ; Membre du Bureau Permanent des Congres International Pour la Protection des Enfants ; Milroy Lecturer and Chadwick Lecturer. Publications : Reports on Infant Mortality and contributicns to the medical and general press. Address : East Royd, Lindley, Hudd.

NICHOL, Albert Pennington, J.P. ; Educ. : Outcote Bank Board School, Hudd. ; m. 1894, Lizzie Blackburn, Paddock, Hudd. ; a member of the Board of Directors of the Huddersfield Industrial Society, Ltd., from 1907 to 1934, and President of the Society for 18 years ; Councillor (Lib.) for the Paddock Ward of the Hudd. County Borough since 1929 ; Director T. A. Nichol & Sons, Ltd., Dyers and Finishers, Hudd. ; Chairman of Directors, Wm. Thomson & Sons, Ltd. ; interested in cricket and motoring. Address : "Lingfield," 43, Heaton Road, Hudd.

NORRIS, Edward Wallace ; b. 16 July, 1877 ; s. of Rev. Wm. Arthur Norris, M.A. (Cambridge Double Blue) ; Educ. : Pocklington Grammar School ; Solicitor (Honours), 1903 ; Coroner for boroughs of Halifax and Huddersfield, and the Honour of Pontefract and West Riding of Yorks. since 1919. Address : Edgeholme, Warley, Halifax.

NORTON, George Pepler ; b. Hampton Wick, Middlesex, 27 March, 1858 ; Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants ; senior partner in the firm of Armitase & Norton, Chartered Accountants, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and London ; Chairman of Directors, Yorkshire Copper Works, Ltd., Leeds, and a director of several other companies ; author of a number of professional works on Accountancy and the Textile industry. Recreation : Golf. Address : High Royd, Honley, nr. Hudd.

NORTON, Brevet-Col. Gilbert Paul, D.S.O., T.D., M.A. ; b. 17 Aug., 1882 ; s. of George Pepler Norton, High Royd, Honley ; Educ. : Shrewsbury School ; Caius College, Cambridge ; m. 1908, Daisy, d. of Thompson Naylor, Hudd. ; commanded 5th Duke of Wellington's Regt., 1919-23 ; a partner in the firm of Armitage & Norton, Chartered Accountants, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and London ; Vice-Chairman and Managing Director The Yorkshire Copper Works, Ltd., of The Yorkshire & Pacific Securities, Ltd., of The Yorkshire & Canadian Trust ; Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Royal Infirmary and Hudd. Community Club ; Chairman King's Roll Local Committee ; a member of the West Riding County Territorial Association. Recreations : Hunting, Fishing and Golf. Address : Grice Hall, Shelley.

NORTON, Percy Goodall ; b. 13 Sept., 1879 ; s.s. of late Thomas Norton, J.P., Bagden Hall ; Educ. : Oatlands, Harrogate ; Uppingham School ; m. 1915, Gladys Marjorie, d. of late J. W. Stancliffe, J.P. ; a member of the firm of Hall, Walker & Norton, Solicitors, Hudd., since 1903 ; Clerk to the General Commissioners for Income Tax, Upper Agbrigg Division, since 1922. Address : Kirkroyd, Almondbury, Hudd.

PRIEST, Walker Thomas, J.P., Ald. ; b. 27 May, 1865 : s. of late Councillor Allen Priest : Educ. : Askern College ; m. 1896, Edith, d. of late Ald. Ben Stocks ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1913 ; elected Alderman in 1923 and Mayor in 1929-31 ; late Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Y.M.C.A. ; senior partner in the firm of Allen Priest & Sons, Ltd., Yarn Spinners, Bath Mills, Hudd. ; a Director of Rushworths, Ltd. ; Trustee Brunswick Street Methodist Church, Hudd. Address : 152, Woodside Road, Lockwood, Hudd.

PROCTER, Samuel ; b. Doncaster, 1881 ; m. 1912 ; articled to Town Clerk of Doncaster in 1900, and Assistant Town Clerk of that town in 1905 ; Deputy Town Clerk of Exeter, 1907-1914 ; Deputy Town Clerk of Huddersfield, 1914-1930 ; appointed Town Clerk of Hudd. upon retirement of Mr. J. Henry Field ; Captain Longley Park Coif Club, 1928. Recreation : Golf. Address : 12, Talbot Avenue, Hudd.

PYE-SMITH, Charles Derwent, D.S.O., M.C., M.B., B.S. (Lond.), F.R.C.S. (Eng.) ; b. 31 July, 1878 ; s. of John William Pye-Smith, Solicitor, Sheffield ; Educ. : St. Anselms Preparatory School ; Mill Hill School ; Guy's Hospital ; Hon. Surgeon Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Recreations : Golf and Trout Fishing. Address : Vernon House, Hudd.

RAFFAN, James, M.D., D.M.R.E. (Cantab.), F.R.C.S. (Edin.) ; b. 28 Aug., 1883 ; s. of John Raffan, Aberdeen ; Educ. : Aberdeen Grammar School ; m. 1917, Emma, d. of late Joseph Blamires, Hudd. ; Hon. Surgeon and Radiologist Hudd. Royal Infirmary : past President Hudd. St. Andrew's Society and Hudd. Medical Society. Recreation : Golf and Gardening. Address : Gledholt Hall, Hudd.

RAMSDEN, Harold Hirst ; b. 6 July, 1874 ; s. of late Thomas Henry Ramsden, Oakwell, Golcar ; Educ : Almondbury Grammar School ; Rossall ; a partner in the firm of Ramsden, Sykes & Ramsden, Solicitors, Hudd. ; former Deputy Chairman Hudd. Court of Referees ; Deputy Chairman of the Hudd. Appeals Tribunal under the Unemployment Assistance Board. A ddress : Oakwell, Golcar, nr. Hudd.

RHODES, Wilfred ; b. Kirkheaton, 29 Oct., 1877 ; Educ. : Spring Grove Board School ; first played for Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1898 (rtd. 1930) ; took 3,608 wickets and scored 31,156 runs (46 centuries) in County Cricket ; headed the first-class cricket bowling averages in 1919, 1920, 1922, 1923 and 1928 ; is the only cricketer who has scored 2,000 runs and taken 100 wickets in Test matches ; shares record partnerships for the first and last wickets in Test cricket ; in first-class cricket at home and abroad took 4,137 wickets ; coach at Harrow since 1931. Address : 24, Marsh Grove Road, Hudd.

RILEY, Benjamin, M.P., J.P. ; b. 2 May, 1865 ; s. of Samuel Riley, stonemason, Ripponden ; Educ. : Halifax Elementary School ; m. 1896, Lucv, only d. of Samuel Rushwortli, Halifax ; commenced work as a "half-timer" at the age of 9 years, and apprenticed to the trade of bookbinding ; established the business of B. Riley & Co., Ltd., Library Bookbinders, Hudd., in 1896, and now managing director ; Director Blackfriars Press, Leicester ; a foundation member of the independent Labour Party, and a member of the National Council, 1907-1925 ; a member of the Hudd. School Board, 1896-1903, and of the Hudd. Borough Council, 1904-1921 ; M.P. for Dewsbury, 1922-1931 ; reelected General Election, 1935 ; Private Parliamentary Secretary to. Minister of Agriculture, Labour Government of 1929-1931 ; visited U.S.S.R., May, 1936 ; contributor of articles on foreign travel and political questions to various newspapers. Recreations : Travel, Swimming and Motoring. Address : 28, Westfield Avenue, Oakes, Hudd.

RUSHWORTH, Aquilla Ernest ; b. 20 Mar., 1878 ; s. of late Aquilla Rushworth ; Educ. : Huddersfield College ; Director Rush worths, Ltd., Hudd. ; past President Hudd. Chamber of Trade, of Hudd. Rotary Club ; President Hudd. Tradesmen's Benevolent Institution. Address : 20, Thornhill Road, Hudd.

SELLERS, Arthur Edwin ; b. 10 Sept., 1880 ; s. of Robert Sellers, Card Manufacturer, Scholes ; Educ. : Scholes National School ; Bradford Technical College ; m. 1905, Lydia Slack ; Director of Sellers & Co. (Hudd.) Ltd., Textile Machinery Makers, Hudd. ; past President Hudd. Engineering Society ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1920 ; Chairman of Sewage Works Committee ; a member of the Hudd. Insurance Committee, of Hudd. and District Employment Committee and Court of Referees ; a member of the General Committee of Hudd. Cricket and Athletic Club and of Cricket Sub-Committee. Address : The Homestead, Newsome Road South, Hudd.

SHAW, William Edmund Dale ; b. 20 June, 1874 ; Educ. Mill Hill School ; Managing Director Fisher & Co. (Hudd.) Ltd., Woollen Merchants and Shippers ; Director Woolcombers, Ltd. ; Vice-President Hudd. Chamber of Commerce, and one of His Maiesty's Commissioners for Income Tax. Recreations : Shooting, Fishing, Cricket and Football. Address : Upton Villa, 18, Greenhead Road, Hudd.

SHIRES, Thomas, Ald. ; b. 2 Sept., 1868 : s. of late James Shires ; Educ. : Longwood Grammar School ; m. 1894, Alice Bamforth ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1908 ; elected Alderman m 1921 ; Director James Shires & Sons, Ltd., Yarn Spinners and Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Milnsbridge, Hudd. Recreation : Golf. Address : "Glenroyd," 67, Gledholt Bank, Hudd.

SHIRES, William, J.P. ; b. 15 Aug., 1866 ; s. of James Shires, Yarn Spinner, Crosland Moor ; Educ. : Board School and Private Academy ; m. 1890, Mary Isabella Mathieson ; Chairman of Directors James Shires & Sons, Ltd., of Taylor Livesey & Co., Ltd., of Colne Valley Coal Supply Association, Ltd., of Brookbottom Cotton Spinning Co., Ltd. ; a Director of Saddleworth Woollen Co., Ltd. ; Captain Hudd. Golf Club, 1923 ; past President Crosland Heath Golf Club ; past President Hudd. Chamber of Commerce ; attended the Chamber of Commerce Empire Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, Oct., 1936 ; prominent in Masonic circles ; Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Liberal Association. Recreations : Golf and Salmon Fishing. Address : Quarmby Lodge, Hudd.

SINGLETON, Harold, M. Inst. Mech. E., M. Inst. Gas E. ; b. 26 May, 1889 ; s. of Fred Singleton, Golcar ; Educ. : Golcar National School ; Longwood Grammar School ; Hudd. Technical College ; m. 1916, d. of late Albert Pearson, Golcar ; former assistant to Engineer, Hudd. Corporation Gas Dept. ; appointed Engineer and Manager, 1915 ; a member of Executive Committees of various Gas Associations. Recreations : Cricket and Golf. Address : "Wildfell," Mount, Outlane.

SMAILES, Thomas ; b. 24 Aug., 1887 ; y.s. of late Dr. T. Smailes, Honley ; Educ. : Honley National School ; Huddersfield College School ; Harrogate College ; Leeds University ; m. 1915, Kate, d. of late George Borwell, Honley ; admitted a Solicitor in 1910 ; senior partner in the firm of Smailes & Walker, Solicitors, Hudd. ; Clerk to Honley Urban District Council, 1911-21 ; Clerk to Honley and South Crosland Joint Sewerage Board since 1919 ; appointed Clerk to the West Riding Magistrates at Huddersfield and Holmfirth, Aug., 1936 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1923 ; Chairman of Public Library and Art Gallery, and Secondary Education Committees ; Chairman of Governors Royds Hall Secondary School ; Deputy Chairman Ravensknowle Committee ; Worshipful Master of the Brooke Masonic Lodge, Honley, 1927 ; Past Principal Chapter of Perseverance ; President Hudd. and District Musical Festivals Association ; well-known in Methodist circles. Address : "Ashville," 201, Victoria Road, Lockwood, Hudd.

SMITH, John Davidson Eaton ; b. 6 Dec., 1879 ; s. of Henry Hardwick Smith, J.P., Merchant Flour Miller ; Educ. : Wycliffe College, Stone-house, Glos. ; m. 1913, Elizabeth Bradley, London ; senior partner in the firm of Eaton Smith & Downey, Solicitors, Hudd. ; President of the Huddersfield Building Society ; Chairman of Huddersfield Liberal Association. Address : The Knowle, Heaton Road, Hudd.

STEWART, Andrew, C.A., A.I.S.A.A., F.C.I.S., F.R. Ecom. S., F.I.C. & W.A. ; b. 30 June, 1895 ; s. of David Stewart, Edinburgh ; Educ. : Broughton Secondary School and Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh ; Edinburgh University ; m. 1933, Norah Lucy Plaistowe ; General Manager and Secretary Hudd. Building Society since 1928 ; a member of the Council of The Building Societies' Association. Publication : "Costing for Light Castings Ironfounders." Recreation : Golf. Address : 2, Elmwood Avenue, Bath Street, Hudd.

SUDWORTH, Elijah, F.C.A., F.B. Ecom. S. ; b. 25 May, 1878 ; e.s. of Edwin Sudworth, Manchester ; Educ. : Manchester Grammar School ; Owens College, Manchester ; m. 1904, Mary Elizabeth, d. of Jonathan Kershaw, Manchester ; Senior Partner in the firm of Wheawill & Sudworth, Chartered Accountants, Hudd., Leeds and London, and a Director of various companies ; a member of the Council of the Hudd. Chamber of Commerce, and of the Board of Management Hudd. Royal Infirmary ; a co-opted member of the Education and Assessment Committees of the Hudd. Borough Council ; Hon. Treasurer Hudd. Conservative and Unionist Association ; Past Provincial Grand Officer of the Province of West Yorkshire. Recreation : Golf. Address : Oakley House, Edgerton, Hudd.

SYKES, Arthur ; b. 2 Jan., 1862 ; Educ. : Hudd. Collegiate ; late partner in the firm of Stocks, Sykes & Hickson, Architects and Surveyors, Hudd. ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1911 ; elected Alderman in 1929 ; past Chairman Waterworks Committee ; past Chairman West Riding of Yorkshire Mental Hospitals Board ; a lifelong connection with Hillhouse Congregational Church ; Sunday School teacher and librarian ; Trustee and member of Management Committee. Recreations : Interested in Cricket and Football. Address : 33, Birkby Crescent, Hudd.

SYKES, Edward Musgrave ; s. of Wm. Shaw Sykes ; Educ. : Clifton College, Bristol ; Chairman of the English Card. Clothing Co., Ltd. ; member of Huddersfield Club and Borough Club, Huddersfield ; member of Junior Carlton Club, London. Address : Barwick House, Imperial Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

SYKES, John Frederick ; b. 28 April, 1886 ; s. of Charles Frederick Sykes ; Educ. : The Leys School, Cambridge ; m. 1914, Doris, d. of George Bedforth ; head of the firm of Godfrey Sykes & Sons, Astrachan and Imitation Fur Manufacturers, Birkhouse Mills, Hudd., of Henry Walker & Sons, Mirfield ; a Director of Sykes & Tunnicliffe, Ltd., Almondbury ; commissioned in 5th Duke of Wellington's Regiment, 1908, Capt. 1914, Maj. 1916 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. since 1927 ; Deputy Chairman Waterworks Committee ; Captain Hudd. Hockey Club, 1912-13 ; Captain Huddersfield Golf Club, 1933 ; Life Member Woodsome Hall Golf Club ; past President Hudd. Branch British Legion. Recreations : Shooting and Golf. Address : "Birksgate," Fenay Lane, Almondbury, Hudd.

SYKES, Mary Elaine, B.A., LL.B., Solicitor ; b. 24 Aug., 1896 ; d. of late James Sykes, of Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe, Solicitors, Hudd. ; Educ. : Private School and London University ; articled to her father on the first day on which it was known that women might qualify to to practise in the legal profession, and one of the first women in the country to be admitted a Solicitor ; the first woman Labour Councillor of the Hudd. Borough Council (1935) ; past President Hudd. Women's Luncheon Club ; a member of British Federation of University Women. Address : "Bryancliffe," Hungerford Road, Hudd., and 24, Britannia Buildings, Hudd.

TAYLOR, Harold Tom, F.S.I. ; b. Jan., 1888 ; Educ. : King Edward's Grammar School, Birmingham ; Deputy Estate Manager, Swansea Corporation ; Deputy Estate Manager, Leicester City Corporation ; Estate Manager Hudd. Corporation since 1934. Address : 30, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley, Hudd.

THORNTON, Harold Leppington ; b. Rastrick, 29 Nov., 1877 ; s. of late John Thornton, County Councillor W.R.C.C. ; Educ. : St. Dunstan's College ; m. 1910, Elizabeth Lewis Little ; Director B. Vickerman & Sons, Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Taylor Hill Mills, Hudd. ; played Lacrosse for Yorkshire, 1907-1913 ; Assistant Commissioner Hudd. Division St. John Ambulance Brigade. Address : "Fairlea," Taylor Hill, Hudd.

TURNER, Sir Joseph, K.B.E., cr. 1920 ; J.P., F.I.C., F.C.S. ; b. 1868 ; Educ. : Hudd. Technical College ; m. 1893, Alice Brook ; late Chairman, Read Holliday & Sons, Ltd. ; late Joint Managing Director British Dyestuffs Corporation, Ltd. ; Partner in the firm of Sir Joseph Turner and Sons, Aniline Dye Manufacturers, Hudd. ; Governor, Hudd. Technical College and a co-opted member of the Technical and Further Education Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council ; member of committee Huddersfield and District Victoria Nurses' Association ; President Huddersfield Cricket and Athletic Club ; President Huddersfield Liberal Association. Address : Birkby Lodge, Hudd.

WALKER, Joseph, O.B.E. ; b. 23 April, 1877 ; s. of late Charles Henry Walker, Lindley ; m. 1904, Mary Winifred, d. of the late Frederick Wm. Sykes, J.P., Green Lea, Lindley ; admitted a Solicitor in 1899 ; a partner in the firm of Hall, Walker & Norton, Solicitors, Hudd. ; commissioned in 5th Duke of Wellington's Regiment, 1914 ; served with B.E.F. 62nd Division ; mentioned in despatches ; past President Hudd. Incorporated Law Society ; Life Member Yorkshire Archaeological Society. Address : Marsh House, Lindley, Hudd.

WHITELEY, Frederick ; b. 27 June, 1877 ; s. of Arthur W. Whiteley ; Educ. : Ilkley College ; Ashville College ; m. 1902, Ethel Kate, d. of late C. Wheawill, Chartered Accountant, Hudd. ; partner in the firm of A. W. Whiteley & Sons, Caterers and Confectioners, Hudd. ; past President Hudd. Chamber of Trade ; a co-opted member of the Assessment Committee of the Hudd. Borough Council ; one of the founders of the Hudd. Music Club, and a founder member of the Hudd. Rotary Club ; a member of the Hudd. Choral Society for 30 years and a member of committee Hudd. Thespians. Address : Bryan Lodge, Edgerton, Hudd.

WILLIAMS, Denys Roger Hesketh ; b. 10 Oct., 1879 ; s. of Rev. Bennett Hesketh Williams, M.A. ; m. 1904, Maud Evelyn Margaret, d. of late William Scott, M.D. ; Fellow of the Textile Institute ; Silver Medallist of the City and Guilds of London Institute ; Manager and Director John Taylors, Ltd., Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers, Colne Road Mills, Hudd. ; past President Hudd. Fine Cloth Manufacturers and Hudd. Woollen and Worsted Fed. ; a member of the Grand Council and Executive and Tariff Committees Fed. of British Industries ; a member of Research Control Committee of the Woollen Industries Research Assoc., and of Employers' Council of the Woollen and Worsted Industries ; Chairman Hudd. Smoke Abatement Committee ; President Hudd. Cinderella Society ; past President Hudd. Junior Conservative Assoc. Publications : "Costing in the Wool Textile and other Industries," "Textile Factory Organisation and Management." Inventions : Scouring and Milling Machines, Tension Gauge for Blowing Machines, Worsted Fabrics. Recreations : Shooting, Fishing and Gardening. Address : "Sunny dale," Edgerton, Hudd.

WOODHEAD, Arthur Longden, M.A. (Edin.), J.P. ; b. 13 Sept., 1862 ; s. of late Joseph Wocdhead, J.P., first M.P. for Spen Valley Division of Yorks. ; Educ. : Huddersfield College ; Edinburgh University ; m. 1899, Mary Ann, d. of late John Robinson ; Managing Director of Joseph Woodhead & Sons, Ltd., proprietors of "The Huddersfield Examiner" ; joined the staff of the paper in 1883 ; a member of the Council of the Newspaper Society and elected President in 1925 ; one of the original members of the Hudd. Golf Club, and Hon. Secretary from 1893 to 1895 and from 1899 to present date ; Secretary of the Yorks. Union of Golf Clubs for the first nineteen years of its existence ; President of the Hudd. Music Club and of the Central Lads' Club, Hudd. ; prominently associated with the work of Milton Church, Hudd. ; attended the Chamber of Commerce Empire Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, Oct., 1936. Recreations : Golf and Motoring. Address, : Deveron House, Queen's Road, Edgerton, Hudd.

WOODHEAD, Ernest, M.A. (Edin.), J.P. ; b. Woodland Mount, Hudd., 10 Feb., 1857 ; s. of late Joseph Woodhead (see above) ; Edvc. : Huddersfield College ; Edinburgh University ; m. 1892, Lilian, d. of Joah Moorhouse, Hudd. ; Chairman of Directors Joseph Woodhead & Sons, Ltd., proprietors of "The Huddersfield Examiner" ; Editor of the paper from 1885 to 1927 ; Rugby Football English International against Ireland, 1880 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1894 to 1923 ; elected Alderman in 1899 and Mayor in 1901-2 ; made an honorary Freeman of the Borough, 18 Sept., 1918 ; Chairman of the Finance Committee at the time of the purchase of the Ramsden Estate by the Hudd. Corporation (see Dawson, Wilfrid),, saving the necessary Bill in its passage through committee. Liberal candidate for Hudd. 1918 ; Sheffield (Hillsborough) 1923 ; Pudsey and Otley Division, W.R. Yorks., 1924 ; Chairman of Municipal Mutual Insurance and Congregational Insurance Co. ; President Hudd. Art Society and Hudd. Glee and Madrigal Society ; First Captain Woodsome Hall Golf Club ; active worker at Milton Church, Hudd. ; has travelled extensively abroad and circumnavigated the globe with the Empire Press Union in 1925. Publications : "Student Recollections of Professor Hodgson" ; several light operas and serial stories in "The Huddersfield Examiner." Recreations : Golf, Sketching,. Travel ; Address : Langdale, 56, Gledholt Road, Hudd.

WOODHEAD, Frank Ellis ; b. 29 May, 1868 ; s. of late Joseph Woodhead (see above) ; Educ. : Loretto ; Cambridge ; a Director of Joseph Woodhead & Sons, Ltd., proprietors of "The Huddersfield Examiner" ; winner of Yorkshire Golf Championship, 1894, 1895, 1898 and 1899. Address : 11, Marsh Grove Road, Hudd.

WOODHEAD, Thomas William, Ph.D. (Zurich), Hon. M.Sc. (Leeds), F.L.S. ; b. 11 March, 1863 ; s. of James Woodhead, Holmfirth ; Educ. : Arkwright's School, Holmfirth ; British School, Mechanics' Institute and Technical College, Hudd. ; Botanical Research, University of Bonn, 1900 ; Cambridge University, 1904 ; University of Zurich, 1905-6 ; m. (1) 1901, Annie Louisa Haigh (died 1923), (2) 1926, Mary Hannah Hoyle ; Head of Biological Department Hudd. Technical College, 1896-1928 ; Hon. Director Tolson Memorial Museum, Huddersfield, since its inception, Dec. 31st, 1919 ; a member of the Council of the-County Borough of Hudd. since 1928 ; Chairman of Agricultural Committee, of Public Assistance Sub-Committee Section "A" ; President Hudd. Naturalist, Photographic and Antiquarian Society, 1891, 1928-29-30, of Yorkshire Naturalists' Union, 1922, of British Ecological Society, 1926-27, of Yorkshire Natural Science Association, 1928-29, of Yorkshire Museums Federation, 1933-34. Publications : "Ecology of Woodland Plants," 1906 ; "Study of Plants," 1917 ; "Junior Botany," 1922 ; "Vegetation of the Southern Pennines," 1929 ; Joint Editor "The Naturalist," 1903-30 ; Editor of Tolson Memorial Museum Publications ; contributions to scientific journals. Address : 35, Longley Road, Hudd.

WOOLVEN, James Albert, J.P. ; b. Alfriston, Sussex, 21 Dec., 1852 ; Educ. : St. Peter's Church School, Brighton ; m. 1876, Annie Thompson, Hudd. ; the oldest licence holder in Hudd. ; purchased the business of" wholesale wine and spirit merchant in Victoria Street in 1887 ; a member of the Council of the County Borough of Hudd. from 1892" to 1935 and "father" for many years ; elected Alderman in 1913 and. Mayor in 1919-21 ; made a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur in recognition of his services during Mayoralty for Huddersfield's "adopted" French towns of Avrincourt and Hermies ; made an honorary Freeman of the Borough, 25 July, 1934 ; Chairman of Parks and Cemeteries Committee for 24 years, and Deputy Chairman of Finance Committee for 15 years ; a pioneer of the running of Sunday trams ; Chairman of Directors Thrift Society and Hudd. Theatre-Royal ; President of Hudd. Fallen Heroes' War Memorial Committee ; a founder member of the Hudd. and County Conservative Club, and a member of the Borough Club, Hudd., for 52 years ; past Senior Deacon of the Provincial Grand Lodge of West Yorkshire ; Vice-President Hudd. Old Boys Rugby Football Club ; Life Governor Hudd-Royal Infirmary. Address : 19, Trinity Street, Hudd.

Contents of the 1937 Directory