1937 Directory:The Heart of the Cloth Trade

1937 Huddersfield Directory
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The Heart of the Cloth Trade.

A Firm that is always "Agate."

On Wednesday, September 23rd, 1036, Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, governing director of Messrs. Joseph Hoyle & Son, Ltd., entertained the employees of his three mills in celebration of his seventieth birthday. For the first time for many years the employees were "laiking," for it is a fact that for the past twenty years the mills at Longwood have been run night and day.

The firm of Joseph Hoyle & Son, Ltd., is one of the largest manufaturing firms in the wool textile trade. The total floor space at the three mills owned by the company is over 50,000 square yards, which accommodates 600 looms, including 145 automatics. Recently the power output from the engines at the main mill at Longwood became insufficient to meet the demands made on it, and it was therefore decided to electrify the whole mill.

A Wonderful Achievement.

The prosperity of Messrs. Hoyle's is largely a result of the untiring energy of the present head of the business. Sir Emmanuel has been his own salesman, and there is only one country in the world in which he has not taken his woollen cloths. Every winter finds him abroad, gathering the orders which keep his mills busy.

The range of Messrs. Hoyle's cloths is best described in the sentence "We make anything, for any sort of purpose." During the Great War the firm placed their whole resources at the disposal of the British Government, and made cloth for all the Allied Armies. The total output reached the staggering figure of 14,000,000 yards.

The making of uniform cloths still keeps a large portion of the works employed. About twelve years ago the manufacture was commenced of ladies' fabrics, and to-day the firm supply numerous ranges of high class woollen goods for this section of the trade.

The Secret of Success.

In addition to finding employment for large numbers of local people, Sir Emmanuel has played a leading part in the municipal life of Huddersfield. From 1916 to 1924 he was a member of the Town Council, during which period he founded the Transport Department.

The good relations which have always existed between the employees and the head of the firm, and which were very much in evidence during the birthday celebration, is reflected in the long records of service held by many of the workpeople. Five employees have worked over forty years, eighteen have worked over thirty-five^ nearly fifty have worked over thirty, and more than 150 have been with the firm for over twenty years.

The Hoyle organisation is the embodiment of three ideals which form a homogeneous whole, namely, the quality of their cloths, the leadership of Sir Emmanuel, and the ability and co-operation of the workpeople.

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1937 Directory:The Heart of the Cloth Trade

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