1937 Directory:Huddersfield County Borough Council

1937 Huddersfield Directory
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Huddersfield County Borough Council.

Corporation Committees.

The Mayor is an ex-officio member of every committee appointed by the Council, and of every sub-committee. The chairman of the Finance Committee is an ex-officio member of any committee appointed by the Council except the statutory committees.

Finance. — The Mayor (Coun. Barlow), chairman ; Ald. Canby, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Hirst (A.), Lawton, Mitchell, Moxon, Shires, Willis, Woffenden ; Councillors Butterworth, Johnson, Kaye, Limn, Sellers, Smailes, Sutcliffe and Sykes (M. E.).

Agricultural. — Coun. Woodhead, chairman ; Coun. Sizer, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Meadows, Moulton ; Councillors Armitage (G.), Armitage (J.), Bower, Crawshaw, Crossley (J. J.), Gent, Milburn, Noble, Scott, Sykes (J. F.) ; Messrs. G. Brown, R. H. Browne, J. Coates, H. L. Collins, J. H. Johnson, J. Marsh, J. Roberts and F. Wood.

Air Raid Precautions. — Coun. Cartwright, chairman ; The Mayor (Coun. Barlow), deputy-chairman ; Councillors Best, Cole, Crawshaw, Dawson, Hirst (J. W.), Joyce and Kaye.

Assessment. — Ald. Hirst (A.), chairman ; Coun. Denham, deputy-chairman ; Ald. Moxon ; Councillors Armitage (J.), Butterworth, Gent, Gregson, Hastings, Sutcliffe, Wrigley (F.), Wrigley (T.) ; Messrs. T. H. Crowther, T. Joyce, F. Longbottom, J. C. Maggs, E. Sudworth and F. Whiteley.

Baths and Model Lodging House. — Ald. Willis, chairman ; Coun. Crossley (N.), deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Moulton, Woffenden ; Councillors Armitage (G.), Bower, Hastings, Heywood, Moran, Sizer and Sutcliffe.

Blind Persons Act. — Coun. Beaumont, chairman ; Aid, Priest, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Jagger, Moulton ; Councillors Johnson, Joyce, Milburn, Sizer, Sykes (M. E.) ; Mrs. W. Dawson, Mrs. W. T. Priest, Mrs. T. Smailes, Messrs. R. Firth and F. Gillbanks.

Cleansing and Haulage. — Ald. Moxon, chairman ; Coun. Hastings, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Canby, Jagger, Moulton, Woffenden ; Councillors Beaumont, Cartwright, Haywood, Heywood and Kaye.

Coal Purchase. — Ald. Mitchell, chairman ; Ald. Shires, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Canby, Moxon ; Coun. Kaye.

Education. — Ald. Lawton, chairman ; Ald. Halstead, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Hirst (A.), Meadows, Priest ; Councillors Airey, Armitage (J.), Berry, Cartwright, Dawson, Haywood, Joyce, Kahn, Nichol, Smailes, Woodhead, Wrigley (F.) ; Mrs. K. J. Broadbent, Mrs. M. Blamires, M.B.E., J.P., Mrs. J. R. Glaisyer, J.P., Messrs. E. Brook, J.P., T. Tunnicliffe, A. R. Halstead, E. Sudworth and P. Wilkinson. (Meets at the Education Offices on the Thursday preceding the Council Meeting, at 3-30 p.m.)

Electricity. — Ald. Shires, chairman ; Coun. Heywood, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Canby, Woffenden ; Councillors Cole, Dawson, Nichol, Sellers, Sizer, Sykes (J. F.) and Wrigley (F.).

Estate. — The Mayor (Coun. Barlow), chairman ; Ald. Canby, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Mitchell, Moulton, Sykes (A.) ; Councillors Best, Bower, Crossley (N.), Dawson, Denham, Kaye and Wrigley (T.).

Gas. — Coun. Kaye, chairman ; Ald. Mitchell, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Moulton, Moxon ; Councillors Crawshaw, Denham, Haywood, Johnson, Joyce, Netherwood and Sellers.

General Purposes. — All the members of the Council.

Health. — Coun. Butterworth, chairman ; Coun. Hirst (J. W.), deputy-chairman ; Councillors Berry, Cantwell, Crawshaw, Crossley (J. J.), Gent, Johnson, Kahn, Woodhead and Wrigley (T.).

Highways. — Alderman Mitchell, chairman ; Ald. Moxon, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Gardiner, Meadows, Sykes ; Councillors Ainley, Bower, Crossley (N.), Gent, Gray, Hastings, Lunn, Moran, Netherwood, Sutcliffe and Sykes (J. F.).

Housing. — Coun. Limn, chairman ; Coun. Nichol, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Gardiner, Hirst (A.), Priest ; Councillors Armitage (G.), Berry, Crawshaw, Denham, Hirst (J. W.) and Scott.

Markets and Fairs. — Coun. Sutcliffe, chairman ; Coun. Scott, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Jagger, Meadows ; Councillors Ainley, Armitage (G.), Bower, Crossley (N.), Hastings, Moran and Sizer.

Maternity and Child Welfare. — Coun. Johnson, chairman ; Coun. Woodhead (T. W.), deputy-chairman ; Councillors Berry, Butterworth, Cantwell, Hirst (J. W.), Noble, Sykes (M. E.), Wrigley (T.) ; Mrs. M. Blamires, M.B.E., J.P., Mrs. K. J. Broadbent, Mrs. N. Mellor, Miss Irving, J.P., and Mr. W. K. B. Broadbent, M.A.

Mental Deficiency. — Coun. Dawson, chairman ; Coun. Johnson, deputy-chairman ; Ald. Sykes ; Councillors Hirst (J. W.), Joyce, Noble ; Mrs. L. Beaumont, Mrs. C. Laycock, Mrs. John Pyrah, Mrs. A. L. Sykes and Mr. E. Smith.

Old Age Pensions. — Ald. Moulton, chairman ; Coun. Crossley (J. J.), deputy-chairman ; Councillors Armitage (J.), Best, Gregson, Milburn, Noble, Wrigley (F.) ; Mrs. L. Beaumont, Mrs. M. Brook, Mrs. J. Pyrah, Messrs. J. Hewing, J.P., J. C. Maggs and E. W. Woffenden.

Parks and Cemeteries. — Ald. Hirst (A), chairman ; Ald. Gardiner, deputy-chairman ; Ald. Jagger ; Councillors Ainley, Cole, Crossley (N.), Hastings, Netherwood, Scott, Sizer and WrigJey (T.).

Parliamentary. — Ald. Mitchell, chairman ; The Mayor (Coun. Barlow), deputy-chairman ; Councillors Kaye and Smailes.

Public Assistance.—:Coun. Johnson, chairman ; Coun. Best, deputy-chairman ; Councillors Armitage (G.), Berry, Bower, Butterworth, Cantwell, Crossley (J. J.), Gent, Gregson, Hirst (J. W.), Moran, Noble, Sykes (M. E.), Woodhead and Wrigley (T.).

Public Library and Art Gallery. — Coun. Smailes, chairman ; Coun. Cartwright, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Gardiner, Lawton ; Councillors Beaumont, Berry, Cole, Dawson, Heywood, Kaye, Sizer ; Lieut.-Col. J. T. C. Broadbent, Messrs. A. E. T. Hinchcliffe, LL.B., A. Lunn, A. W. Sykes, E. Vickerman and E. Woodhead, M.A., J.P.

Ravensknowle. — Ald. Hirst (A.), chairman ; Coun. Smailes, deputy-chairman ; Ald. Lawton ; Councillors Airey, Berry, Gent, Gray, Hirst, Johnson, Woodhead ; Mrs. M. Blamires, M.B.E., J.P., Mrs. Glaisyer, J.P., Coun. N. A. Haywood, Messrs. D. Graham, P. H. Lee, F. Netherwood, J. C. North, A. W. Sykes and P. D. Wild.

Sewage Works. — Coun. Sellers, chairman ; Coun. Cole, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Hirst (A.), Sykes (A.) ; Councillors Ainley, Beaumont, Gray, Hastings, Johnson, Milburn and Sykes (J. F.).

Transport. — Ald. Canby, chairmanAld. Woffenden, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Halstead, Mitchell, Moxon ; Councillors Dawson, Denham, Gray, Scott, Sellers and Wrigley (F.).

Valuation. — The Mayor (Coun. Barlow) ; chairman ; Ald. Mitchell, deputy-chairman ; Councillors Gray and Heywood.

Watch. — Ald. Woffenden, chairman ; Ald. Halstead, deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Canby, Hirst (A.), Mitchell, Shires, Willis ; Councillors Crossley (N.), Kaye, Nichol and Sellers.

Waterworks. — Coun. Sellers, chairman ; Coun. Sykes (J. F.), deputy-chairman ; Aldermen Shires, Sykes (A.) ; Councillors Beaumont, Cartwright, Denham, Gray, Johnson, Nichol and Woodhead.

Royds Hall Secondary School Governors. — Huddersfield Corporation Representatives: Coun. Smailes, chairman ; Aldermen Halstead, Lawton, Priest ; Coun. Abbey ; Mrs. H. Glaisyer, J.P. West Riding Representatives : Sir P. Jackson, J.P., LL.D., C. Coun. W. T. Everatt, Miss M. Hinchliffe, Mrs. E. Varley, Coun. J. Bagley, Coun. J. R. Baxter and the Rev. Dr. C. Callow, M.A.

Officers of the Corporation.

Town Clerk’s Department (Offices: Town Hall). — Town Clerk, Samuel Procter, 12, Talbot Avenue ; Deputy Town Clerk, E. D. Spencer, LL.M., 19, Richmond Avenue ; Managing Clerk and Mayor’s Secretary, G. Lawton, 26, Storths Road, Birkby.

Borough Analyst. — Henry T. Lea, M.Sc., F.I.C., The Borough Laboratories, 26, Ramsden Street.

Borough Auditors. — Messrs. Smith & Garton, 23, John William Street.

Borough Coroner. — E. W. Norris, 4, Harrison Road, Halifax ; Deputy Borough Coroner, A. C. Akeroyd, 5, Harrison Road, Halifax.

Borough Engineer's and Surveyor's Department (Offices: High Street Buildings). — Borough Engineer and Surveyor, W. Jaggar, M.Inst.C.E., Elm Lea, Dalton ; Deputy Borough Engineer and Surveyor, F. L. Wooldridge, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., 23, Glebe Street, Marsh.

Borough Treasurer's Department (Offices : Town Hall). — Borough Treasurer, Registrar of Stock and Chief Rating Officer, John H. Robinson, A.S.A.A., A.I.M.T.A., 19, Grasmere Road ; Deputy Borough Treasurer, H. A. Garside, A.L.A.A., 22, Jim Lane, Marsh ; Rating Officer, C. F. Turner, 24, Beech Avenue, Dalton ; Chief Rents Collector, A. S. Rushforth, 55, Storths Road, Birkby.

Cleansing and Haulage Department (Garage and Offices: Vine Street, Leeds Road ; Cleansing : Hillhouse Depot). — Cleansing and Haulage Superintendent, H. Neaverson, 22, Yew Street, Fartown.

Education Department (see Education Directory).

Electricity Department (Offices : Electricity Supply Station, St. Andrew's Road). — Engineer and Manager, J. W. Turner, M.I.E.E., 28, Cleveland Road.

Estate Department (Offices : Estate Buildings, Railway Street). — -Estate Manager, Harold T. Taylor, F.S.I., 30, Daisy Lea Lane, Lindley.

Fire Brigade (see under).

Gas Department (Offices : Leeds Road). — Engineer and Manager, Harold Singleton, M. Inst. Gas E., M. Inst. Mech. E., 526, New Hey Road.

Health Department (see Hospitals and Public Health Services).

Markets and Fairs Department (Offices : Bull and Mouth Street and Great Northern Street). — Superintendent of Markets, Public Slaughter Houses and Cold Stores, John E. Ballantyne, Great Northern Street.

Parks and Cemeteries Department (Offices : Greenhead Park). — General Superintendent, Capt. J. H. Irons, M.C., Greenhead Park Lodge.

Police Department (see Huddersfield Borough Police).

Public Assistance Department (Offices: 36, Ramsden Street). — Chief Public Assistance Officer, Samuel Procter (Town Clerk) ; Public Assistance Officer, H. A. Willis, "Stansted," 41, Birkby Lodge Road. Relieving Officers and Collectors. — "A" District, C. C. Adlam, 67, Glenfield Avenue, Deighton (Acting) ; "B" District, Herbert Webster, 8, Dalton Green Lane, Dalton ; "C" District, Benjamin V. Pickles, 14 Colwyn Street, Marsh. (For District Medical Officers see Hospitals and Public Health Services).

Public Baths (see under).

Public Library and Art Gallery (see Public Libraries).

Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths (see under).

Sewage Works Department (Offices: Sewage Disposal Works, Deighton). — Manager, W. D. Scouller, M.Se., A.I.C., 29, Longley Road.

Stationery Department (Offices : 24, Ramsden Street). — Manager, W. L. Wade, A.C.I.S., “ Lynwood,” Yew Tree Road.

Superintendent of Town Hall, Mayor's Attendant and Mace Bearer. — G. Roberts, M.M., Town Hall.

Tolson Memorial Museum and Meteorological Station (see Parks and Recreation Grounds).

Transport Department (Offices : John William Street). — Manager and Engineer, H. C. Godsmark, A.M.I.A.E., A.M. Inst. T., 110, Luck Lane, Paddock.

Veterinary Officer's Department (see Hospitals and Public Health Services).

Waterworks Department (see under).

Weights and Measures Department (see under).

Stipendiary Magistrate. — Waldo Raven Briggs, Esq., O.B.E., M.A., LL.B.

Contents of the 1937 Directory

1937 Directory:Huddersfield County Borough Council

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